Tips To Put Toddler Bedtime Problems To Rest

Tips To Put Toddler Bedtime Problems To Rest

Putting a restless toddler to sleep is no easy task. Their endless tantrums and refusal to go to bed can leave you exhausted. It is probably the same story every night. Fortunately, you can fix your kid’s irregular sleep routine with the right approach. 

From making them sleep on the best nap mats to playing soothing music to create a peaceful environment, listed below are some fantastic tips you can try to make sure your little one gets a restful night of sleep! But first, let’s learn about why your toddler could be having trouble falling asleep. 

Reasons Why Your Toddler Is Not Going Straight To Sleep

Your kid might be struggling with sleep due to:

  • Hyperactivity: Kids have tons of playful energy, which may last all day and well into the night. They may be avoiding going to bed because they want to keep having fun and don’t want the day to end. 
  • Fear Or Nightmares: An overactive imagination can make kids think about horrific things, especially at night. They may be afraid of the monster under their bed or worried about having scary nightmares. 
  • Untimely Naps: If your child naps at odd hours throughout the day or just a few hours before bedtime, they may not feel sleepy at bedtime. 
  • Unfamiliar Environment: Every kid is used to sleeping in a particular place where they feel safe and comfortable. However, if you are on a trip or at someone’s house, they may feel uncomfortable and not fall asleep quickly. 
  • Uncomfortable Clothing: Rough fabrics, itchy tags, or too thick/thin clothes may make your toddler feel uncomfortable and disturb their sleep. 

These are some of the primary reasons why your child could be feeling cranky at bedtime. So, let’s help you find a suitable solution to put them to sleep peacefully!

Tips To Make Your Toddler Go To Sleep On Time

Check out the following strategies to set your toddler’s sleep schedule and put them to bed on time without making a scene. 

  • Give Them A Bedtime Bath: A relaxing bath before bed is unquestionably calming and soothing. Give your toddler a warm bath or shower if they have difficulty falling asleep or become irritable before bed. Make them wear soft, comfortable PJs, then enjoy seeing them drift off to sleep.
  • Follow A Bedtime Routine: Forming a regular bedtime routine will increase their chances of falling asleep at the right time every day. You can make the routine fun by letting them pick their night suit or singing a fun song while brushing their teeth. They will look forward to following these tasks and show minimal fuss.
  • Minimize Their Screen Time: If your toddler binges on their favorite cartoons or plays video games on the phone before bedtime, you need to limit these activities. The brain is affected by spending too much time on the phone/tablet/TV and the light emitted from these gadgets, making it difficult for your little one to fall asleep. Instead, you can tell them bedtime stories that not only teach them valuable moral lessons but also help them doze off. 
  • Create A Peaceful Environment: A comfy blanket, soft lighting, and cozy clothing contribute to the perfect bedtime environment. Some kids adore listening to peaceful music or a lullaby while dozing off to sleep. It is crucial to distinguish the bed as a place for sleeping and not playing. However, you can give them their favorite soft toy to make them feel safe and secure. 
  • Reward Their Good Behavior: Encourage your child to sleep on time and maintain this habit by rewarding them with treats. You can create a chart to mark their consistency and reward them accordingly. You can follow a routine for rewards. For instance, if they go to sleep on time for seven consecutive days, you can reward them with their favorite candy or an extra hour of screen time.
  • Stay By Their Side: If your kid is having trouble sleeping, try to calm them down by lying with them until they fall asleep. They may be afraid of the dark or nightmares, so you can make them feel comfortable by talking to them. 
  • Tire Them Out: It is wise to indulge your kid in physical activities throughout the day so that they feel tired and fall asleep easily at night. You can also go for a short walk with them before bedtime to expend some of their energy. You can also wake them up early in the morning, which will eventually make them feel exhausted by the end of the day. 
  • Reduce Daytime Naps: If your kid has a habit of sleeping for 3 hours straight after having lunch, they will always have a problem going to sleep at night. So, only let them have a 30-45 minute nap in the afternoon, and do not let them nap once it gets dark out.

It can be challenging to put a toddler to sleep. However, establishing a regular bedtime routine and involving your child in it can be beneficial for their health. Maintain a strict sleep schedule and tire them out with physical activities so that your toddler falls asleep without any struggle at night.

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