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Read about Tododevideojuegos .Com, a website providing tips and tricks about apps and game patches, and provides health-related articles.

Do you want to gain knowledge about nutrition and health-related issues? Do you want to gain insight into newly launched applications for Android that are specific to Latin America? Do you want to know tips and Tricks for Worldwide popular apps and games like Free-fire, Minecraft, racing games and puzzle games?

Let’s review Tododevideojuegos .Com that gives information about the version and patches of apps and games that have loopholes that benefits the users.

About Tododevideojuegos.Com: is a promotional platform featuring only twenty articles related to news, entertainment and technology. Seventeen articles are related to cell phone apps and games, and three articles are related to the medical field.

The articles related to apps and games provide interesting tips and tricks. At the same time, the articles related to the medical field provide information related to health. provides information about versions and patches of various apps and games. further discusses how to take advantage of flaws found in such specific versions and patches!

Tododevideojuegos .Com had made poor progress on updating new articles daily. Evidently, only two pages containing ten articles each were featured since seven months after its launch. publishes content in the Spanish language targeting global readers belonging to Latin America. A suspicious feature of has been the key generator. 

While you browse through at the end of each article, you will find a button to generate a key. Most of the keys generated are all six characters long and also featured in articles related to the medical field. All the generated keys are the same – ‘der342’. The use of such keys generated is not specified.

Features of Tododevideojuegos .Com:

The was registered in Spain on 30th August 2021 for one year. Hence, it will expire within the next four months and fifteen days. Even after seven months and fifteen days after its launch, failed to achieve a good Trust Score, which stands at 1%. 

All information about the owner of is censored using internet services. Additionally, did not include any policy content. The customer service contact number, address and email were not given. scored a business rank of 63.8%, with a poor Alexa ranking of 2,533,990. Tododevideojuegos .Com has a low suspicion and threat profile. However, did not has a valid SSL certification.

Customer reviews:

Customer reviews and ratings for are not present on the internet and on social media. Five website reviews of and one video review suggest that it is potentially a scam.


The specific purpose of the website is unclear. Hence, Read About Recognizing Fraud Websites. Though includes information about apps and games, the key generator creates only one key unrelated to games and apps. did not include any link to import apps and games. Only a few articles related to apps and games are featured. Tododevideojuegos .Com is potentially a scam. 

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