Student Art Project

A student art project is any effort that produces art created by student highlighting the joys and benefits of active trips to school.

Hans Helgesen elementary students show off the posters they drew for ICBC’s Think of Me campaign
Student art projects can produce meaningful images to communicate messages and themes relating to transportation. Whether the focus is traffic safety or the joy of cycling, student art can reinforce goals and messages of broader initiatives, or spark conversations to get things moving.

Even as more and more communication happens online, the impact of a child’s drawing has few peers when it comes to catching the eye of parents – particularly their own.

Art and creative expression are an important part of elementary education. Engaging students in promoting your school community’s positive values is a great way of getting them involved and can help foster a school’s culture of active transportation.
A student art project can be something one or more divisions take part in as a classroom activity, or an open call to which students of all ages are invited to participate in.
Teachers can run student art projects as classroom activities. An introductory discussion, lesson, workshop or presentation can be used to introduce ideas and themes around which students create.

To hold an open event in which students of all ages are invited to participate, engage your administration in the idea to work out the logistics. Again, an introductory activity or presentation can introduce ideas and themes around which students can create. Use assemblies, morning announcements and/or newsletters home to issue a call for submissions. Choose a deadline and determine where students can submit their work. Create a submission form for students to provide their name, grade/division and teacher name if you want to be able to follow up with them later.

Student artwork can be employed and displayed in a number of ways:

  • Create a slideshow incorporating all of the images that can be shown in an assembly or formatted as a video;
  • Display student are on your school’s website;
  • Create "Think of Me" notices to hand out to drivers in the school zone;
  • Make a collage and display it prominently at your school;
  • Choose the best submissions to reproduce as posters or incorporate into signs or informational material.
Student artwork is an invaluable promotional tool that can help raise awareness and generate interest and excitement among parents and peers. Schedule your art project so that you can display students' work in the fall or spring, when walking and cycling rates are high, or to kick off your school's Walk and Wheel event.

Setting a Tone

When they hear the words “traffic safety”, some children might be inspired to create graphic scenes or depict dangerous behaviour. A discussion about the reasons they like to walk and cycle, or the places they like go, can set the tone for their artwork and inspire images that reinforce positive messages and behaviour.

Potential Barriers

Even if you only use a few of the images you receive, exhibiting every piece in a slideshow or as part of a collage will help avoid hurt feelings and give all students who submitted work a proud moment of recognition.


One popular road-safety initiative that incorporates student art as a key component is ICBC's Think of Me program. For more information about the program or to request a template, contact your ICBC Road Safety & Community Coordinator:
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