Tower Carpet Cleaner Reviews {Oct} Is It Worthful?

Tower Carpet Cleaner ONLINE PRODUCT Review

Read exclusive details unavailable elsewhere about Purejet Plus Carpet Washer in this Tower Carpet Cleaner Reviews.

There are various carpet cleaners available in the United Kingdom. But, many cleaners do not support wet cleaning. Further, some of the cleaners are bulky because of a powerful suction motor. What are your requirements for a carpet cleaner? If you are considering lightweight cleaner and washer, would you prefer handheld, stick, or upright cleaner?

Let’s check the features of Purejet Plus Carpet Washer in this Tower Carpet Cleaner Reviews.


Purejet Plus Washer is an upright carpet cleaner. It has dual functions: washing and rinsing the carpet and cleaning the dry carpets.

Do not worry about the suction power of the Purejet Plus Washer, as it has a powerful 500-watt motor that easily cleans the carpet and sucks the water.

Purejet Plus Washer has a dual tank that stores clean and dirty water separately, preventing cross-contamination. It makes it easy to add liquid detergent to clean water and to empty dirty water easily.

Purejet Plus is perfectly suitable for houses with pets as it cleans embedded dirt, hairs, Etc. Tower Carpet Cleaner Reviews determined that the cleaning detergent has a pleasant fragrance and kills 99.9% of allergens and bacteria.

The Tower carpet washer comes with five meters long cord. Once plugged in, you can move between rooms, stairs, Etc., effortlessly.

How to use it?

  1. Add 100ml of anti-bacterial carpet detergent to the clean water compartment with 900 ml of water,
  2. You can vacuum the dry carpet as usual,
  3. For washing the carpet, Purejet Plus releases a small quantity of clean liquid on the carpet and rinses it,
  4. After every use, empty the dirty water.

Specifications determined in Tower Carpet Cleaner Reviews:

  • Buy Tower Carpet Cleaner at—
  • Price—£79.00.
  • Brand—Tower.
  • Colour—‎Grey and Rose Gold.
  • Model name—Tower Purejet Plus Carpet Washer.
  • Capacity—‎2.3 litres, 0.25 litres, 1.5 litres, 0.9 litres.
  • Power source—Corded Electric.
  • Product code—381368.
  • Product Dimensions—‎22x 34x 120 cm.
  • Volume Capacity—‎1.5 liters for clean water and 2.3 for dirty water.
  • Power/Wattage—500 watts.
  • Item Weight—‎4 kg.
  • Warranty—1 year + extended 2 years subjected to registration.


  • Purejet Plus has a powerful 500 watts motor for better cleaning
  • Dual tank technology is available in this small, portable, and compact cleaner
  • It comes with 250 ml of anti-bacterial carpet cleaning liquid. Tower Carpet Cleaner Reviews found it 20 times concentrated
  • Carpet cleaning detergent is powerful enough to kill 99.9% of bacteria and gives a pleasant smell
  • Purejet Plus cleaner is lightweight and saves storage space


  • Purejet Plus cleaner consumes a high amount of electricity, adding to your power bills
  • Due to its compact size, you may need to buy reusable bags for emptying the dirt
  • It may not be suitable to clean large areas due to the 1.5 liters of clean water capacity
  • You may need to empty dirty water multiple times on extensively using it
  • The tower carpet washer does not support steam cleaning

Is it effective and Valued?

  • Tower Carpet Cleaner Reviews of below factors about the product and its brand that suggest that Purejet Plus carpet washer and its brand Tower are genuine.

About the brand:

  • Tower company was established more than 100 years ago in 1912 in Britain.
  • It is a reputed houseware, kitchenware, and vacuum manufacturer in the UK.
  • selling Tower was registered on 3rd-January-2006 and expired in 2026.
  • @TowerHousewares is present on FB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, with more than 56,662 followers.
  • Bmstores website gained an excellent 96% trust rank.

About the product:

  • Tower Carpet Cleaner was listed for sale on from 19th-April-2022 as ascertained in Tower Carpet Cleaner Reviews.
  • Tower cleaners are sold on various shopping and social media sites.
  • Bmstores has a great Alexa ranking of 21,276.
  • The Tower carpet washer effectively cleans pet hairs, embedded dirt, and pet mess.
  • Customers have provided positive feedback about Tower cleaner.

Customer Reviews: has a good rating of 4.16/5 stars from 2,985 reviews. Two YouTube reviews on Tower are positive. More than 166 customer reviews on the internet rated it 5-stars. More than five website reviews of Tower also provided positive feedback. did not features product reviews for Tower. Therefore, please read about the legitimacy of merchandise.


Tower Carpet Cleaner Reviews conclude that it is a legitimate product as it is sold on several shopping and social media sites. Customers received its delivery and posted positive feedback. The Tower is a long existing and reputed brand from the UK. and also exist for a long time with long life expectancy.

Were Tower Purejet Plus Carpet Washer reviews informative? Please comment below. 

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