UC Travel Sdn Bhd Scam {July 2022} Get Complete Insight!

Latest News UC Travel Sdn Bhd Scam
This news is complete information for the fake tickets booked by UC Travel Sdn Bhd Scam!

Have you heard about the standards scam of 380 Kuala Lumpur? Tourists are asking for police officers to take action on a travel agency dealing in Malaysia for private Hajj visits and visas! The tourists are given Falls tickets and fake passports for the trip! Do you want to know who the travel agent that cheated on the Hajj pilgrims was?

Read below more about UC Travel Sdn Bhd Scam details.

What is the UC Travel Scam About?

The Sdn Bhd travel agency was registered on the 5th of August 1995 in Malaysia that works for the benefit of Haj pilgrims in the Malaysian pilgrimage section! Recently, a group of 380 tourists booked through the travel agency for a Haj pilgrimage, but the officers were not allowed to enter the airport.

As per the research based on the internet, this camp is about a fake permit and service given to the travelers by the agency and the loss of money to the tourist! Due to the UC Travel Sdn Bhd Scammer, people lost flights to Kuala Lumpur International airport by 4:30 p.m. They were not allowed to enter Saudi Arabia due to fake passports!

The specifications describe the scam.

  • The time mentioned by the travel agency for the flight was 4:30 p.m. however the passengers were informed that the flight would be taken by 7:00 p.m.
  • Wild checking the last flight to jihad was at 6:00 p.m., but the travel agency did not mention the information, which made a representative doubt for 360 tourists.
  • In UC Travel Sdn Bhd Scam, the flights were supposed to be taken by Tuesday, but the tourist documentation was not completed by then.
  • The airport officer cleared the representative doubt as soon as they checked the tickets from the fraud agency.
  • The travel agency did not book tickets to Hajj.

Customers’ Reviews of this Scam

All the tourists who were dependent on the travel agency were unsatisfied and raised a ticket for concern to the local officers. Certainly, they got dumped with the money and could not visit the dream destination for pilgrimage rituals. Police are still investigating the case.

Why is UC Travel Sdn Bhd Scammer Trending?

The UC Travel Sdn Bhd scam is one the surprising and trending news recently as it is a dream for every Muslim to visit their holy place. Due to such circumstances, the traditions followed by the family were not completed, which leads to anger in society. However, the amount for 380 travelers was already paid to the travel agency, and it was a shock that all the tickets were fake. The agency’s response to vanishing made the news more trending.

We would like to mention that all this information was based on internet research.


In conclusion, we advise travelers to read UC Travel Sdn Bhd Scam and go through the guidelines. One must be safe from all the frauds and scams that harm the amount and steal your personal information and bank details. One must study the travel agent https://cfcw.org/sdn-bhd-uc-travel/ before investing in any additional charges. 

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