Vancouver School Board Busts the Myth, and Expectation, of Free Parking

As the title of this post suggests, there’s no such thing as free parking. Construction, maintenance, enforcement – parking spots, whether they’re on street or in a garage, cost money, and someone has to pay for them. Yet many of us are so used to being able to park our cars for free that it seems more like a right than a subsidized privilege.

In an effort to cut costs, find efficiencies and inspire staff to look at more sustainable alternatives when traveling to and from schools, the Vancouver School Board has decided to charge teachers and staff for parking on-site at schools starting next September.

HASTe applauds the board for this bold steli>and effort to promote sustainable transportation to and from its schools. But we hope that there will be some carrots – subsidized bus passes, better bike parking and end of trip facilities, car share membership, etc. – offered to Vancouver teachers to go along with this stick.

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