[Leak Link] Video Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi Viral: Is Yandex Available on TWITTER, Telegram & Reddit?

Latest News Video Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi Viral

The article explains the details of the Video Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi Viral and provides information on the actors’ commutating acts.

Have you seen the viral video of the woman in Red Kebaya? The present video is unsuitable for the users and is 18+ content. People Worldwide are looking for videos on different platforms to know what is present in them and why it is becoming viral.

According to the reports, the video is shot from a hotel room, and the present lady is a hotel maid. The details of the Video Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi Viral are mentioned in the sections below.

Source: hastebc.org

What is present in the video?

As mentioned, the video represents a woman in a red dress entering a hotel room. The dress and how she enters show that she is a hotel maid who just came asking if any room service is required and provided an ashtray to the man who came out of the room. 

The video is unsuitable for the kids as it represents uncensored content. The woman can also be seen as blindfolded, and the reason is unknown. The video is going viral on various social media platforms, and people are looking out for the video.

Viral Yandex website- Is it present there?

Yandex is a search engine that provides internet search and offers services like navigation, public transport, weather, and other details. People are in a dilemma about whether the video is on the website. The video is from Indonesia, and the Indonesian police are searching for the two people.

Kebaya is a traditional dress in Indonesia, but as time has evolved, people negatively see that dress. A viral video was about an air hostess wearing a kebaya; now, this woman from the hotel wearing a red Kebaya has gathered all the attention.

Video of women viral on Reddit

The 16 minutes long video has gone viral on social media websites and is featured on Yandex, the website mentioned in the previous heading. The video represented a woman wearing a blindfold from the beginning of the video. The man was wearing a towel and a golden mask and was offered an ashtray by the hotel maid. 

Video of women viral on Reddit

When she was about to leave, the man asked to clean the water-spilled floor. It seemed as if the man and the woman were role-playing, as there was no camera movement. The link is mentioned in the “social media links” section below.

People’s reaction to the viral video on Twitter

People were searching for viral videos, and Twitter is a platform where one can find all the viral videos. Hence, the users posted the videos on the Twitter platform, and till now, it has not been taken down from the internet. The link provided, however, is not opening and asks the users to reload the page.

There might be other users who must have posted the videos on their accounts. The officials are investigating the matter and are searching for the actors. Look out for the link present in the “social media links” below.

Is the video link present on Telegram?

The plot is organized, and the whole video is planned in the same manner as shown. The physical acts are not allowed to be posted on any social media platforms, and the video went viral on Telegram. 

The videos posted on Telegram channels are personal to some individuals or groups and the link is mentioned in the “social media links” section.

Social Media Links

NOTE:- We do not support these kinds of content, and the article is purely based on informative news related to the viral video.


The video has been circulated on many platforms, and people have already seen it in huge numbers, and the viral video has gained all the attention required.  

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Video Kebaya Merah Yang Lagi Viral– FAQs

Q1.Who are the actors in the viral video?

A hotel maid and a man

Q2. Are the actors known to anyone?


Q3. From where is the video circulated on social media?

The video is from Bali, Indonesia.

Q4. Are the couple in the video a real hotel maid and a visitor?

No, they are role-playing the full event.

Q5. Is there anyone else present in the video?

There is no one else present.

Q6. Are the videos present on YouTube?

No, only cut images are found on YouTube.

Q7. Is the video still being circulated?

Yes, there are numerous platforms where the video can easily be found.

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