Walk21 Active and Safe Routes to School Pre-Conference Workshop Report

Earlier this month, 50 participants from across Canada and around the world spent a sunny Sunday afternoon at a workshop coordinated by HASTE.

Participants had an opportunity to introduce themselves and their work, followed by presentations on different developments in the field of Active and Safe Routes to School. After lunch, participants divided into groups for discussions on the three topics covered in the presentations:

  • TDM (Transportation Demand Management) in high schools;
  • Programs and strategies for rural schools and communities; and
  • Road safety in Canada and around the world.

Avril Orloff, a local graphic facilitor, worked feaverishly throughout the day to create a beautiful mural that captured the day’s proceedings, inspired conversation and creativity during the workshop, and was featured at the final day of the Walk21 conference.

Digital pictures of Avril’s murals, along with the power point presentations of most of the day’s presenters, are linked to below. More will be uploaded soon. We hope they will allow participants to reconnect with the ideas and energy that emerged from the workshop, and provide those interested but unable to attend with some insights into the day’s events:

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