What Are OG Strains, Should You Get Them & How to Choose Supplier?

Complete Information About What Are OG Strains, Should You Get Them & How to Choose Supplier

Getting your own cannabis seeds and growing them so as to use them for yourself, or sell products made of it to other people, i.e. grow them for commercial purposes, can be the perfect idea, especially if you’re a cannabis enthusiast who will thoroughly enjoy the entire process. Buying the right strains, though, is important, since you want the plants you grow to have the perfect, therapeutic effects. Thus, getting to know different strains and learning about them so as to understand them better and then make your choice is one of the first things to do.

When trying to learn of those different types, you’ll undeniably come across the OG strains, and they’re bound to get you interested. Understanding what these are, and how beneficial they can be will help you decide if those are the right plants for you. After you’ve made that decision, you’ll likely want to know where to get the products, i.e. how to select the perfect supplier for you, which is also highly important, because buying at the wrong places could lead to growing poor quality plants, and that’s not what you want.

What Are OG Strains?

Since you’re here, it’s safe to assume you’re ready to do your learning on OG strains. While some say the OG stands for “original gangsta”, that’s not quite the case. It actually stands for “ocean grown”, given that most Californian strains come from the Pacific Ocean itself. On top of that, most OG strains actually come from the famous OG Kush, a powerful cannabis plant, and one of the most used and most loved ones.

Known for their potency, the perfect aroma and the long-lasting effects, it’s no wonder that this strain is so popular. Containing a high THC content, ranging anywhere from 20% to 25%, the OG strains are extremely powerful and they produce rather long-lasting effects on the user. Furthermore, they are known not only for their therapeutic and holistic effects and benefits, but also for their great recreational benefits, meaning that people use them for recreational purposes as well.

Apart from helping people treat insomnia, anxiety, migraines, reduce pain and nausea, and producing many more therapeutic effects, this strain will help you relax, as well as stimulate you and improve your overall mood. Benefits are clearly vast, so it’s not a surprise that these plants are among the most popular ones when it comes to the cannabis family. Deciding whether to get them, of course, won’t be easy, but that’s something you’ll need to do before you proceed to searching for suppliers.

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Should You Get Them?

This decision is all yours to make. Although, you may need a little push into the right direction if you’re highly indecisive. If, for instance, you want to grow this plant for your personal use, you’ll certainly benefit from it highly, given that it provides people both with those therapeutic benefits I’ve mentioned and with the opportunity to use the plant for recreational purposes and have a positive experience.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of using the plants for commercial purposes, the fact that the OG strains are so popular will contribute to the ease of selling them. Plus, you’ll be offering people great quality, which is exactly what they’ll be looking for. And, providing them with quality means they’ll be returning to your shop, buying from you over and over again, ultimately leading to you getting highly loyal customers. Given all of that, it seems that getting the OG strains is actually the perfect idea.

How To Choose Your Supplier?

Upon deciding you want to get the OG strains, either for personal or commercial use, the next thing you’ll have to do if choose the supplier to shop from. Finding the right one for you will lead to great long-term collaboration and, of course, to you getting high quality products, which is precisely what you want. Not caring too much about your choice of supplier will probably result in you switching from one to another rather often, not being able to establish a trusted cooperation process with any of them. Some great suppliers could even give you further tips on choosing a strain, such as those found on this site, should you wind up needing them.

Anyway, using the Internet to start your searching process is the right thing to do, as you’ll find quite a lot of suppliers by simply typing in the necessary keywords and taking a closer look at all of the results that will pop up. Making a random choice once you get those results is, however, not the best move. Instead, what you should do is research all of those suppliers you find interesting in more details, thus getting all the information you need about them before deciding which one to start cooperating with.

While doing the research, the key is in checking reputation. If previous customers have complained a lot about specific suppliers, it means that there is something to complain about and that you’ll probably be unhappy with the cooperation process or the quality of the OG strains as well. Finding highly trusted and well-reputed suppliers is, thus, the most significant thing to do, after which you can proceed to checking the prices, comparing them and finding the most reasonable solution, i.e. the perfect combination of quality and price.

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