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Are you aware of the rock band Blink-182? Do you know one of the most energetic drummers Travis Barker? If so, you must be stressed out right now because of his health like many people in the United States

He is the favourite personality of many well-known individuals for Blink-182, Transplants and Box Car Racer. Recently, his tweet helped us to know about his unfortunate ill health. But, what happened to him suddenly? What Causes Travis Barker PancreatitisLet’s see the details below-

What Made Travis Ill? 

Travis Barker is a 46 years old drummer who recently tweeted ‘God save me. He was suffering from an extreme stomach ache, leading his family to take him to the sanitarium. When he got there, West Hills Hospital and Medical Centre doctors said he was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. 

It was incredibly difficult for him to walk an inch. His family changed to the hospital, and then they discovered in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center that his current colonoscopy potentially accelerated this agony. 

What Causes Pancreatitis in Humans

Pancreatitis is a serious illness which happens when digestive enzymes become generated while quiet in the pancreas. They disturb the sections of the pancreas and induce hives. Some of the terrible culprits are some foods like fried or heavily refined grubs, like french fries and fast-food hamburgers.

Some major causes of Pancreatitis in humans include pills, high triglyceride phases, fat in the blood, and major and chronic infections. Apart from this, abdominal suffering, metabolic diseases such as diabetes and hereditary illnesses like cystic fibrosis. 

Why What Causes Travis Barker Pancreatitis Question Trending? 

The sudden news of Travis’s poor health abruptly shook his fans. All of them are worried about his health and praying for his speedy recovery. But, what’s the cause behind his sudden pancreas problems? This question is mainly trending, which is justifiable also. Let’s see the answer to it below. 

What’s Colonoscopy and How Can it Trigger Pancreatitis? 

A colonoscopy is a test to look for modifications like swollen, infuriated tissues, polyps or cancer in the huge intestine and rectum. But, it does not help answer What Causes Pancreatitis in HumansDuring this procedure, an extended, adjustable duct is plopped into the rectum with a portable tape camera. 

An answer to the main query is yes but in a very rare phenomenon. Colonoscopy can give a person Pancreatitis in rare cases when there’s a case of delayed diagnosis and treatment. It is an extreme and rare case of mechanical trauma. 

Is Pancreatitis Curable? 

Acute Pancreatitis goes away in a few days. But, there’s no cure for chronic Pancreatitis. Doctors can deter only pain and symptoms through medication and abstinence from liquors. But, chronic ones are usually non-curable. 


We hope you’re clear with the What Causes Travis Barker Pancreatitis query. As we read, chronic Pancreatitis isn’t curable. But, we hope and wish Travis Barker is down with the acute pancreatitis pain only. We stand strong with him and his family and pray to God for his emotional healing. 

We have given you the best of the information based on Internet research. Click here to gather more information. And kindly comment down the warning signs of Pancreatitis according to you. 

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