What Is Recruiting Software? A Complete Guide

Complete Information About What Is Recruiting Software

HR recruitment or talent acquisition software has become popular in companies across many industries. Recruitment software is very powerful and can offer an HR department numerous benefits. However, many companies do not fully understand the functions of recruitment software, keeping them from using it to the fullest extent. Read on to learn more about the functions of recruiting software and how to use it fully.

The Five Functions of Recruiting Software

Finding candidates

Finding candidates is one of the most critical functions of recruiting software. However, it is just one function of a complete recruitment software platform. Many top recruiting platforms can identify potential candidates with only a little direction from HR professionals. It is common for recruitment software platforms to be able to search through candidates who have posted their resumes on job boards and portfolio sites to identify prospects. This would be time-consuming if your HR team had to do this manually. Of course, the HR team must check the candidates identified by the recruitment platform to ensure they meet the specifications for the job.

Maintaining email communication with candidates

Many of the emails associated with recruiting prospective employees can be automated. For example, qualified candidates can receive emails inviting them to apply. As there may be many eligible candidates for a specific position, this would be another time-consuming task if the HR department had to do this manually. However, a good recruiting program can send hundreds of emails in only minutes, such as when candidates have been selected for an interview or the company has decided not to move forward with some applications.

Screening candidates

Not only can a recruiting program identify potential job prospects by looking through their profiles, but it can also sift through applications from active job candidates. It is relatively simple to input the required qualifications for a specific job into a recruiting platform. The platform can then review the applications received for this position and screen out the ones that do not meet the required qualifications. It can also notify applicants who do meet the qualifications that they have been selected to move forward in the interview process.

Interviewing prospects

Some of the most advanced recruiting programs today can even interview candidates automatically. Such programs can conduct not only email interviews but even phone interviews. Email interviews can be set up so the recruiting platform will automatically email selected applicants a questionnaire after they have been identified as promising prospects.

However, it is more common for recruiting platforms to incorporate phone interviews. Questions can be pre-recorded by the hiring manager or an HR professional and submitted to the recruiting platform. The recruiting platform can provide a VoIP number that the candidate can call to take the automated interview. The recruiting platform can then notify the HR team or hiring manager that the candidate has completed a phone interview. When this happens, the hiring manager or HR professional can review the applicant’s phone interview at a convenient time.

Selecting applicants

It is possible for a complete recruiting platform to recommend exceptional candidates for potential job offers. Some companies have an integrated process that uses a recruiting platform all the way through, including an email interview that the recruiting platform can parse. At this point, the best candidates can be recommended for a job offer. This allows the hiring manager or HR professional to look at candidates’ interviews and resumes to determine whether they want to extend a job offer. Some recruiting platforms are even set up to offer the best candidates a position automatically. However, few companies have recruiting programs that offer candidates a job in this manner.

Benefits of Using Recruiting Software

The most obvious benefit of using recruiting software is that it will save your hiring manager and HR team a great deal of time. Recruiting candidates is a highly time-consuming process if you do not use a recruiting platform, and HR professionals and hiring managers always have many other responsibilities on their plate. While many companies primarily employ recruiting programs to save time, this is certainly not the only benefit these programs offer. For example, a recruiting program that is appropriately set up can screen applications with more accuracy than a human can manually. Recruiting platforms are becoming increasingly common, and this trend only looks to continue in the future.

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