Why Did Speed Get Banned {Aug} Check The Real Facts Here

Gaming Tips Why Did Speed Get Banned

Why Did Speed Get Banned? Do you want to know the answer? Please keep scrolling this post as it will mention the reason behind its ban.

Have you watched gaming videos of IShowSpeed? It is the most popular YouTube channel in the gaming field. After this channel was banned, many people in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other parts of the world were shaken. Why Did Speed Get Banned? What is the reason behind this action taken by the YouTube officials? Many questions might be coming to your mind.

Keep reading this post to know the truth behind this action.

Is IShowSpeed banned?

Yes, IShowSpeed is now permanently banned from the YouTube platform. It was one of the most popular and trending YouTube channels for gamers. The action was taken after the streamer was seen making misogynist comments. His remarks were so embarrassing and disturbing that the officials banned this channel. Not only from YouTube but this streamer was also banned from TikTok and Fortnite. Keep reading this post.

Speed Banned on YOUTUBE

The YouTube community has taken this decision to ban IShowSpeed due to some hateful remarks that were made by the streamer in the videos. Those comments showed hatred against the women. His footage was shared on social networks, after which Riot games banned IShowSpeed. The streamer was playing Valorant, and while playing, he made some misogynistic tirade. Then, Jake Lucky, the co-owner of Full Squad Gaming, shared his video. In that video, he was heard sounding unacceptable remarks. After which, the channel was banned permanently. 

With around 6.9 million followers, the YouTube channel is now permanently banned. 

Why Did Speed Get Banned from Other Social platforms?

Recently, YouTube banned IShowSpeed. But, a few weeks ago, other platforms like TikTok and Fortnite games also banned the IShowSpeed YouTube streamer. In the last months of 2021, it was also banned from Twitch. All the platforms showed the exact reason for banning this streamer. Intimidation was the primary reason for banning him from these platforms. His fans are quite disappointed with such behavior, and his videos spread hatred against women. Now, his accounts will not be recovered. We have shared all the valuable details to answer the question: Why Did Speed Get Banned? We hope that it will help you.

Note: This post is written to provide information on this topic. We do not motivate or support such acts and the person. Although, we are not putting any allegations against anyone. The information is collected from online sources.

Final Thoughts

Summing up this post, we have mentioned all the valuable details about IShowSpeed. It has been banned from many social media platforms. The reasons for banning the streamer have been shared in this post. It is an informative post and does not support any activities against the community. 

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