Why Is John Fury Banned From Us {June} Know Reason Here!

Latest News Why Is John Fury Banned From Us
Why Is John Fury Banned From Us? To know why John Fury and Tyson Fury get banned from entering the US, check out the article and stay tuned with us.

Do you know who John Fury is? Why did he get banned from the US? If you have no idea about this, please follow the article properly. John Fury is the father of professional boxer, Tyson Fury. Because of a particular reason, John and his son Tyson get banned from the US. And this news, Why Is John Fury Banned From Us spreads like fire in the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other countries. 

Please continue to read the article to know the reason behind this decision. 

Why did John Fury and Tyson Fury get banned?

John Fury, the father of Tyson Fury, revealed that both father and son and the other members of Tommy’s team get banned from coming to the US. Tyson Fury has a link to Daniel Kinahan, who is suspected as a crime boss. And that’s the actual reason behind this decision. So, that’s the reason why Tyson Fury Banned From Us

Now maybe you want to know who Tommy is. Tommy is Tyson Fury’s brother, whose team got banned for a reason mentioned above. To address the boxer Jake Paul, John Tyson posted a video on YouTube, saying that they could not travel to the US because Tommy did not get a team, and at this time, he and his team were not allowed to enter America. And that’s the reason why Madison Square Garden was not accessible to them. But Jake did not believe this at all. 

Why was Jake denied believing the news- Why Is John Fury Banned From Us

Last December, Tommy and Jake Paul were due to a spar. But because of his injuries, Tommy did not fight, and his father pulled him out forcefully. Today, Jake Paul posted on Twitter that he wants to fight with Tommy in Madison Square Garden on 6th August. He tweeted that Tommy’s father pulled him out last year, and then this time, Tommy agreed to fight with him but again, his father is trying to pull him out. Jake also mentioned that they gave everything to Tommy that he asked for, such as VADA testing, a $2 million purse, and tampons. 

Jake Paul just denied believing the reason behind Why Is John Fury Banned From Us. Even though he gave 24 hours to Tommy to clear all this, he would never give Tommy this kind of opportunity again. In response, John Fury said they also want the fight with Jake because they think they can beat Jake, and John also mentioned that he would take less money, but the fight should be organized in other places except for America.


Not only John Fury and Tyson Fury, but more than six hundred people are banned from coming to the US. And the reason is the same as Why Is John Fury Banned From Us, connection with Daniel Kinahan. By clicking the link, you will get more information about John Fury

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