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Gaming Tips Wordle Today June 28
This article aims to give our readers the answer to Wordle Today June 28, with some hints and information about the game for the wordle players.

Are you stuck between the game and finding it hard to guess the answer to the wordle game? We are right here to help you out. Wordle is getting more popular daily, and players from New Zealand, Australia, India, United Kingdom, United States enjoy this game to the fullest. If you are here to get the idea of the answer, you are exactly where you should be. We discuss the hints and the answer to the Wordle Today June 28.

Let’s discuss the answer to Wordle#374

  • If you don’t want a spoiler and don’t want to ruin your game by knowing the answer, then we suggest you skip some points because we are going to disclose the answer to today’s Wordle#374
  • The ANSWER to today’s wordle is ‘’DROLL’’, which means curious or witty in an unusual way. 
  • Today’s word was a dreaded rare one that might have confused the players. 
  • If you skipped the answer but are still stuck, scroll down to get the hints about today’s word. 

Some Hints On Wordle Answer June 28

  • Today’s wordle’s answer starts with the alphabet ‘D.’
  • There is a vowel in the middle of the five-letter word.
  • The word is an Adjective
  • Are these hints not enough? Okay, we got your back. The last two alphabets of the word are the same consonant. 
  • We will give you a very useful clue if you haven’t got the answer. The word is somewhere related to curious or witty. 

Don’t worry if you are still unable to find the answer right. We have already disclosed the answer of Wordle Today June 28. We suggest you go through the article to get the answer. Stick with us if you want to know more about this wordle game

More about the wordle game-

  • New York Times has acquired the wordle game from its own created John Wordle. 
  • All the players get six attempts to guess the correct answer. 
  • You can get this game for free and play it on your mobile phone. 
  • This game is available on chrome, and you can get this game today you have to type Wordle Today June 28
  • You won’t be given any clue, so you have to find the wordle answer on your own, making the game more challenging for the players and making it hard to maintain the strikes. 
  • Every day you will get a new word to find out.


In this detailed article, we discussed and disclosed the answer to the wordle game for 28th June. We hope to provide you with the hints and the answer you were looking for to complete today’s wordle game. To know more about today’s wordle, read here

Let us know your thought on how you like this article about Wordle Today June 28, in the comment section below. 

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