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How can you contact us for Write For Us + Career? Look at the specifications and rules for how you can contribute to us through the post.

Do you enjoy writing on subjects related to education, such as students, colleges, courses, and other related stuff? Are you looking for a platform where you showcase your writing skills? It can help you feel good about yourself to blog about your favourite academic subjects.

Our website always welcomes top-notch content creators and writers who can Write for Us Career related posts to educate and give beneficiaries ideas and knowledge.

For a better society, education is of utmost importance. There are many relevant topics and ideas that you can blog about. Please consider adding to our blog by following some guidelines discussed here.

About us:

An established website that aims to investigate and publish the most amazing content. Some examples are news writing, articles, blog post, tips and tricks, how-to-do, and guidelines. Moreover, we also give our unbiased reviews on several products launching now and then. In addition, we guide our readers by providing website reviews and checking their legitimacy.

Through Write For Us Career Guest Post, we aim to give our readers an idea of interesting career profiles from emerging industries. Let our visitors know positive narratives through writings about flourishing career in the modern workplace. Or let people know what others do to excel in their professions. This will guide and inspire them to take the necessary steps in their day-to-day life.

What criteria do we require?

Our objective is to provide employers, students, working professionals, job seekers, and everyone else in between with the ideas, advice, and resources they need to achieve great things. 

For this, Write for Us + Career is an opportunity for new and seasoned authors who would like to submit articles in the career categories. Our requirements are minimal like:

  • You can write if you are a resume or CV writer, HR specialist, recruiter, or career expert.
  • If you are an excellent English natural speaker.
  • You can also write for us if you are familiar with SEO best practices and content marketing.
  • If you have never written before but want to start, this is excellent way to begin. 
  • Anyone enthusiastic about writing with fantastic grammar skills is welcome here.

We want to hear from you for Career ” Write For Us” but you must follow some guidelines discussed below.

Several rules to bear in mind- guidelines:

  • Drafts that haven’t been published are preferred because we follow SEO.
  • We also allow self-published work as a sample if it is published within the last week.
  • Please ensure your story has a concise title, subtitles, conclusion in proper SEO format.
  • Before submitting your story, please proofread it and check for grammar errors.
  • Plagiarism is unhealthy practice; we don’t accept it in our articles.
  • If we believe a piece has real value, we are ready to make minor adjustments and then publish.
  • But if Write For Us + “Career,” needs too much editing or revisions, the chances of rejection are high.
  • Also, we reserve the right to alter your featured photos, title, and subtitle to ensure readability and consistency with other articles in the publication.
  • We usually prefer a length between 800-1000 words.
  • Write what is required related to career, and do not provide unnecessary information.

How do you submit your post?

Please get in touch with us if you wish to write and are now sure you should. By emailing us at team2022.hastebc@gmail.com, you can send us writing samples or examples of prior posts. We’ll connect or respond for Write for Us Career using the same thread when determine that you may continue with us.

Nevertheless, when the article is published on our website, it would be beneficial if you will not post it elsewhere.

Why should you write to us?

  • Obtain exposure to millions of social media followers and more than thousands of monthly readers.
  • You will be assigned regular tasks depending on your availability and our content requirements.
  • Get advice and support from qualified editors.


If you love writing about Careers, you should take advantage of the opportunity by writing for us. Be sure to read over our standards and guidelines before beginning Write for Us Career. So, we invite willing writers to write for us post on career based topic. Please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are open to everyone.

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