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The article Write for Us Doctors elucidates the true guidelines for writing the guest blog post, along with the general instructions to be followed.

Have you heard of the term called “living gods”? Can you find the answers within a second? Yes, it’s our mom and doctors. Those two people work for endless hours to make our lives better. So our team has decided to publish the other side of doctors’ lives and their statements to our readers. The guest post articles will be an eye-opener for everyone. Come on, medical people, it’s your time to showcase your writing skills in our Write for Us Doctors articles.


Our website’s primary mission is to enrich our reader’s daily screen time. So much false information and myths about maintaining a healthy lifestyle circulate on the internet in this digital age. So we have decided to burst out of the myths by directly contacting the doctors to provide us with the information through the guest post. It will be useful to our readers regardless of their geographical location.

Our team has already focused on the following topics:

  • Women’s Health
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Physical fitness
  • Website reviews
  • Entertainment News
  • Entrepreneurship,

So we expect a wholesome guest article to cover our topics based on doctors.

Basic requirement for Write For Us Doctors Blog Guest Post

The word doctor holds different fields and types, but their major cause is to provide service to the people, so we encourage all doctors to contribute irrespective of their field and type of curriculum.

  • Doctors can contribute their experience to our readers, but they should remember that their audience is normal people, not fellow doctors, so they should maintain their language level.
  • Medical students can also share their path to becoming doctors. They can share their tips on college life, struggles, etc. Please help us to create more doctors too.
  • Medical experts who are deeply into researching fields can also shed their knowledge on the latest inventions.
  • Our Write For Us + Doctors Blog expected topics are recent developments in the medical field; preventing cancer diseases; cancer medicines; first aid treatments for major diseases; recent drug inventions; women’s health; fertility problems and solutions; tips for becoming a doctor; exams to be taken to become a doctor; immunization process; preventing pandemic and epidemic diseases; details about Ayurveda; natural medicines; general information on each organ and tips to protect it. Organ donation rules and conditions etc.
  • We request everyone to provide unique content; don’t replicate someone else’s work.
  • Writers should concentrate on bringing up the recent deadly health issues.

Writing guidelines for Doctors Blog “Write For Us”

We all know the writing style of every doctor, but while writing an article, they should convey everything clearly by adhering to these below-mentioned rules. There’ll be no pharmacist to interpret the articles. We are going to address the articles directly to the patients!

  • An article should not contain too many technical words. They should maintain a good reading score.
  • A writer may quote the research paper’s name, inventions, and codes, but no content should be copied. Adding references is acceptable.
  • We request the writer not to frighten or scare the readers. The Write For Us + “Doctors Blog” articles can alarm the readers. So the way of conveying things is important.
  • Word length depends on the topics they choose.
  • Writers can add a disclaimer like “people should meet their medical practitioner for further advice on illness.”

What does our website do to the writer?

Enlightening mass people is also a type of service, so our website helps the writers do that service too because our monthly impressions are large in number, so guest post articles may reach many people.

How to contact us:

Authors can contact us via this email address : team2022.hastebc@gmail.com. When submitting, Write for Us Doctors article writers should send us the biography. The biography should contain the writer’s name, degree or year of study,  Branch name, service year, and medical counsel ID. Non-medical people can send their names and job information. 

We kindly ask all the writers to provide the details mentioned earlier, and we value the safety of each writer’s personal information. We have data safety protocols to protect each writer’s information. Our team may call the writers to edit their content. Our website has the sole right to edit the content if they are unresponsive. 


Thank you for reading Write for Us Doctors article ‘s guidelines this far and for taking the time to visit with us. We appreciate your interest in writing guest posts. But we are in the position to select the best articles, so send us the best work, and we will put our extreme efforts into publishing the articles. Let the people see the writing skills of their beloved doctors too!

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