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Read the above-written article for complete guidelines on Write For Us + Education. We love to receive more write-ups for our platform.

Education is a vital tool for a person to develop well mannered. Every human has the right to Education irrespective of gender. In the present era, Education has become a significant key for a human to sustain. Many articles are being published in magazines to spread the importance of Education. But for, such writers need to learn some specific rules to write.

Do you feel that you can write articles related to topics? Then we are here to provide you basic knowledge required to succeed in your writings. Read the Write For Us + Education article for details.

Introduction to our platform.

We are proud to inform you that our platform has worldwide visitors. Many professionals, creators, educators, and prominent researchers are the readers of our site. We publish topics related to Education, the latest developments in the field of learning and reforms regarding Education.

We love to educate the readers on various topics enlightening the world’s need for Education. We encourage young writers to exhibit their skills with the write-ups. We prefer to publish articles that attract global readers. 

We aim to bring out the best writers’ article publishing for worldwide readers and earn knowledge.

Set of skills required for Write For Us + Education.

Writers should remember that the articles will foresee for reference in future, all around the globe. Some of the readers may be an expert in the field. May your work be a reference link for research. 

Before starting the article, the writer needs to research the topic thoroughly to inform the correct information. The article should be related to the topic and must not have any unnecessary details. To write the topics, you need not be a professional or a scholar, but have a keen knowledge regarding the topic and be able to present it.

Instructions for Write For Us + Education.

  • The writer can prefer any topic relating to Education which is helpful for the audience and should attract a global audience.
  • The writer can put down case studies in their article.
  •  The writer can write down guide articles (how-to).
  • The writer can inform in his writings about the practical execution of the theory research.
  • The writer can relate burning issues regarding the topic in the present situation.
  • The writer will gain a colossal audience if they prefer topics related to academics and research.
  • Readers show interest in the recent developments in the field of Education, like reforms.
  • It can include knowledge on books and education projects in various places in Write For Us + Education.
  • The write-up should be able to create awareness in society.
  • Writers can suggest your thoughts for the betterment of the related topic mentioned.

SEO Guidelines

  • The article should have a valuable, understandable knowledge as the audience includes globally.
  • The write-up must be accurate, omitting the wrong claims that mislead the readers from the truth.
  • The content in the article must be referred to from trusted sources, as future resources can be referred to anytime. 
  • The article must be free from plagiarism and should not contain any grammar errors.
  • The write-up Write For Us + Education must be appropriately presented, including headings, sub-headings, bullet points and links.
  • The article should not be lengthy, with repetitive information.
  • No passive voice, uncivil content or rude behaviour in your writing.
  • The article should reach the target word limit of up to 800 to 1000 words.
  • The writer should be able to reach the average reader’s mind with his writing style.
  • The write-up must be able to reach out to as many as audiences with a good understanding of the topic.

Submitting article write for us:

The writer can send a test article for reference of your work before beginning Write For Us + Education. Or else you can mail us your write-up directly to team2022.hastebc@gmail.com.

Kindly inform you that we will review the article before accepting your work. We have the right to modify your article, like edit or delete not required information before we post the article.

If we accept your work, we shall contact you before we use the work for our publications. Once we approve your work, you have no right to share it on other platforms.


Writers who prefer to work for us need to have excellent research and communication skills and be able to present their knowledge on the topic straight to the point. Write For Us + Education is a platform for you to show your skill. Refer to the education articles  for guidelines on writing for us.

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