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About General Information Write For Us + Essay Writing
Write For Us + “Essay Writing” has all the details required to write an essay writing guest post on the Hastebc Org platform.

Does your site provide an essay writing service to the client? Are you looking for a global platform that connects your blogging site with your targeted audience? Academicians and students mostly search for a website that publishes content on essay writing and also provides writing services.

Hastebc Org, a website with thousands of regular visitors, invites contributors from the essay writing field to participate in Write For Us + “Essay Writing” drive and connects with its audience.

About Hastebc Org Website:

Hastebc Org is a portal in the digital media industry that publishes content in three categories: website reviews, news, and cryptocurrency. The article produced by the website is informative and authentic.

Website reviews – Online shoppers can find authentic parameters of the e-commerce platform in this review section.

Cryptocurrency – In this section, crypto investors can find regular updates on the token coin.

Write For Us Essay Writing Guest Post Guidelines:

  • Writer should create content that is 500 to 1000 words long.
  • We accept a guest post that is 100% original and is not copied.
  • Avoid grammatical errors and ensure Grammarly scores above ninety-nine.
  • Contributors should create content that is SEO friendly and follows the guidelines of search engines.
  • Don’t share an article published in the digital space for the blog.
  • Keyword density should be kept at around 1% of Essay Writing Write for Us
  • Active voice should be use for the guest blog.
  • Two authentic links should be connected to the post at the appropriate place.
  • Avoid links of websites with a malware point of more than three percent.

Contributors Benefits:

  • Their article will be displayed at the international level.
  • Write For Us + Essay Writing guest blog will remain active on hastebc org, allowing it a regular traffic flow.
  • A relevant keyword will be provided for the post to get additional traffic.
  • Blogging websites dealing in essay writing can create awareness among their target audience.
  • They will get access to the platform that 10000+ daily audience.

Application procedure:

Experts interested in contributing to the essay writing blog can contact us at braydenwilson763@gmail.com.


Essay Writing “Write For Us” drive can be utilized by students, experts, and blogging sites to write essay writing guest posts  on Hastebc Org and attach with 1000+ audiences coming on the website. Contributors having queries can contact us at the above mentioned mail.

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