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About General Information Write For Us Stories

This post will inform you about the blogger we are looking for our Write for Us Stories write-up and how they can submit their article to us.  

Do you have good writing skills? Are you a passionate writer who wants to learn and grow? Would you like to write content for a top-rated content writing platform? If yes, this could be the best once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a content writer. 

Keep reading the post to find out every detail of the platform, guidelines, and blogger requirements. Those who want to know more about what type of blogger we are looking for on our Write for Us Stories platform should read the post till the end.

Who are we?

We are one of the top-ranked content writing platforms enjoying a world-class global audience. Our company is equipped with well-versed content writers who excelled in their respective industry segments. 

These content writers keep our global audience updated with their latest news, trends, and information. This is the reason why our platform is known for its content. To learn more about us, you can check our official website to know about us.

What type of Content writer are we looking for?

Our platform is not rigid for any particular writing style, so you can write in any manner you enjoy or like the most. But for Stories “Write For Us”, you must have specific skills such as good command of the English language, well research quality, and excellent writing skills. If you have these skills, this could be your mind blogging opportunity. 

Though we are not rigid to any writing style, all you need to follow or guidelines to contribute to our guest post section. You can grab this opportunity if you are a passionate writer willing to write per the required guidelines. 

Guideline for Guest Post Contribution for our platform:

Here we have mentioned the guidelines a user must follow for contributing to our Write For Us + “Stories” guest post section.

  • Bloggers must write unique content, so you are not allowed to copy and paste the content from any source. You can read from the start and write the information in your own words. Moreover, make sure there must not be any plagiarism.
  • You must follow the word limit mentioned for guest posts. The word limit for guest posts is 1000 words, so you must follow the word limit to get your content selected.
  • There shouldn’t be grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or inappropriate words. So make sure your content must be free from any such type of mistakes.
  • When you write a guest post or Write For Us Story Guest Postmake sure its language is easy, simple, and accessible to people of every age group worldwide.
  • Your content must have factual data, informative details, and accuracy, as people are more interested to read about the trending or latest topics to stay updated. So make sure your content has all these qualifications.
  • The content that you are going to submit must be SEO-friendly. To make your content SEO-friendly, you can use interrogative words in your content’s title, such as where, what, when, and how. These words raise the searchability of your content in the search engine.

What are the benefits of writing the Write For Us + Stories Blog?

  • Your typing speed will improve.
  • There is a massive increase in your writing skills.
  • You will learn more new techniques which you can use for your future career growth.
  • You will gain experience.

How can you submit your write-up?

If all the guidelines above are clear for you, and you can write as per these guidelines, then you are the best suitable for this opportunity. To submit your post, you must write a post using these instructions and mail us at team2022.hastebc@gmail.com

If our team finds your content best for us, we will contact you as soon as possible. To learn more about Write for Us Storieskeep reading the post until the end. To increase the chance of your selection, follow the guidelines carefully.


This article has informed all content writer enthusiasts about a great opportunity where you can read, write, and grow. However, you must follow the mentioned guidelines, an essential requirement to get selected for this opportunity. 

If you find you can write as per these instructions, send your writing sample to us. Also read here about stories. If your Write for Us Stories content selected, we will be contact you as soon as possible.

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