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About General Information Write for Us Story
The Write for Us Story will give you a detailed explanation of how to write a guest post for our page. Kindly read this post.

Do you like to assist others with your thoughts? If yes, you can give your ideas on different stories for our website, Hastebc. You can now share your stories or your views on stories by writing the Write for Us Story

If you want to know the format of guest posts or guidelines of the Hastebc page, then you are welcome to our page.

What does our site do?

Our website researches many niches like news, sports, education, technology, entertainment, fiction, books, politics, website reviews, bitcoin, investment, health, mutual funds, lifestyle, product reviews, cryptocurrency, companies, industry, share market, career ideas, etc., to help the readers on solving their queries. In short, our site is a multi-functional site where you can read about many topics. Moreover, we give opportunities to ghostwriters or content writers who want to learn and grow.

Norms to write the “Write For Us Story Blog Guest Post

We have told the readers about the niches we work on, but it is essential to learn the rules and terms that can help you understand our policies better. To avoid any mistakes, you must read this section and understand the working of our website. Kindly read it below.

  • Our page gives you an open opportunity to write content, but you should not copy content from other sites and share a similar project. 
  • You can check content on grammar tools to identify mistakes and errors. You must attach a screenshot of your grammar score while sending the article.
  • One can write practical information related to Write For Us + Story Blog. It will not distract the reader’s mind from some other website.
  • We humbly request the writers to keep the content secret. You must not share the same content with other editors or other websites.
  • Try to use impressive language. Any indecent words must be avoided. 
  • You must write your content in an active voice. You can use passive voice only to some extent.
  • One must go for an SEO-friendly keyword title. Such titles are more prone to gain good reader traffic.
  • One can make short paragraphs so that readers find them appealing and eye-catching to read. It must clear all the reader’s doubts.

Headings to Choose

  • Story Blog “”Write For Us””
  • Bedtime Stories
  • A Short Story

The writers are required to opt for any topic, but it must be eye-catching and appealing, and the readers should find it worthy. If you choose any title that does not attract readers, it will not get traffic, and your content will not get a good readability score.

Who can send a guest post?

You might be wrong if you think you are not eligible to write for the guest post section. However, without checking the eligibility elements, you should not underestimate yourself. One can easily send the Write For Us + “”Story Blog”””, if they are a teacher, a student, a graduate, a professional writer, a beginner, a postgraduate, a homemaker, or any other person who wants to invest some time in gaining experience in content writing. 

A person who is excluded from the above list and thinks he is not suitable can also send a guest post if he can research such a topic and write it in good English.

Where to submit a post?

The readers must read the guidelines before sending the guest post. If you are ready to share your thoughts, send your guest post on Write for Us Story to: team2022.hastebc@gmail.com.

We would be happy if you chose our website. Our teammates will check your content, and if it is suitable for our website, we will upload it to our page within 24 hours. But, you should check out our guidelines carefully when writing the content. Further, we advise the readers to research properly and then write on it.


To end this post, our team successfully mentioned all the essential guidelines for preparing content. Only those writers who can research Story, must send write-ups. Our team promises to give you good publicity. The Write for Us Story is a wonderful opportunity, and you must seize it if possible. We would be glad if you chose this website to grow your career, and we will ensure you that we will not disappoint you. So, please start sending content 

What are your ideas for the guest post writing? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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