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If you want to share your knowledge, experience, and know about toys, read the guidelines below for Write for Us Toys posts.

Would you like to share your expertise and experience in toyology? In the olden days, toys were produced and sold based on popularity and trending characters. But, in current times, parents are focused on providing toys that help develop children concerning their attitudes, logic, and better understanding.

If you have food knowledge about toys or want to share your experience with toys, you can Write for Us Toys post for our platform.

About Hastebc.org:

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Among our readers, parents, especially moms, visit our platform to get an idea about things that will help better parenting. We are focused on providing information about toys to serve a global audience. 

Most parents are between the age group of 18-45 years and are looking for Write for Us Toys posts that will help develop a child between the age group of 3-12 years.

Blogger’s skill sets:

The article writer should be able to research about toys-related topics. The writer should have good knowledge about how a specific toy will help in the development and engagement of a child. Your experience as a blogger, guest post writer, and experience in the field of child development and engagement is valued. 

Guest post writing guidelines:

  • The toys post should focus entirely on topics related to toys,
  • The guest post should be between 1,000 to 1,500 words,
  • The Write for Us Toys post should not include any advertisement links,
  • However, the article should include two do-followup links,
  • You must include at least two non-copyrighted images related to the toy post.

SEO Guidelines:

  • The posts should have a high readability score,
  • Keywords should be consistently placed,
  • It should arrive at a reliable and safe conclusion,
  • The article should include at least one external link with a good trust score and a low spam profile,
  • It should be organized using headings, subheads, and bullet points,
  • Accurate facts about toys should be included from reliable sources,
  • The Write for Us Toys guest post should be in a passive voice, 
  • Avoid repetitive information and redundancy,
  • The article should be evaluated with plagiarism checker tools to create unique content,
  • It should be free from grammatical mistakes by evaluating it on the error locator and replacement tools.

Topics for Write for Us Toys guest posts:

Most of the visitors are looking towards teaching their kids while playing, engaging their kids, getting a break from kids while kids spend time playing, shopping for toys as a gift, overall development of kids, educational toys, Etc. Henceforth, you can Write for Us Toys posts related to:

  1. Toys that help in hand and eye coordination,
  2. Learning letters, words, numbers, and shapes,
  3. EU safety standards regarding toys
  4. Materials used in manufacturing toys,
  5. Recycled materials used in toys,
  6. Range of colours that attract the attention of kids,
  7. Scalability of toys as the child grows older,
  8. Toys that can be physically interacted with,
  9. Toys showing the mechanism of working and movements,
  10. Toys that are portable and lightweight,
  11. Toys that promote engagement with family and friends,
  12. Toys that costs less and provides more learning,
  13. Toys that help in the development of various skills,
  14. Toys that children can play with independently.

Write for Us Toys Keywords:

  • “Toys” + “write for us”
  • “Educational toys” + “blogs”
  • “Write guest post” + “toys”
  • “Share experience with” + “toys”
  • “Toys” + “child development”
  • “Blog on” + “creative toys”
  • “Contribute information about” + “toys”
  • “Article on” + “toys”
  • “Write-ups on” + “toys”
  • “Toys” + “guest posts”
  • “Submit articles on” + “toys”

Submitting your write-up:

You must email the article to team2022.hastebc@gmail.com for review and publishing. Our Hastebc editorial team will contact you before publishing the write-up. Once the write-up is approved, you cannot submit it to other platforms. Hastebc.org reserves the right on Write for Us Toys post to modify or delete any unwanted content. 


The article on toys post is an exciting topic that will allow you to reach a global audience, gain international exposure, reach more views, to build long-lasting customer relationships and an influential presence. You need not hold an educational qualification to write a post about toys. But, you need to have excellent written communication and research skills.

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