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Zerotouch Agency Review [Aug]-Read Complete Details Now!



Zerotouch Agency Review 2020

Zerotouch Agency Review [Aug]-Read Complete Details Now! >> Reliable Zero Touch Agency Review will help you to know about the features, pros, cons, and customer reviews.

Zero Touch Agency– Here is the honest review for all! Many online businesses are looking for advanced and latest softwares to increase the leads of their business. If you are one of them and looking for a powerful tool that can help you in your instant business growth, then this is the right destination for you. Yes, Zero Touch Agency is one of the latest softwares that can meet your business needs.

Let’s take a look at the ultimate features, benefits, and information regarding this software. Read Zero Touch Agency Review before making any decision.

What is Zero Touch Agency?

Zerotouch Agency is an ultimate tool that can help various local and standard businesses by minimizing customer contact with the help of a simple barcode.

What is the need of the Zero Touch Agency?

We all are familiar with the current pandemic situation, i.e. covid-19. Most of the businesses are facing issues in today’s time, and they are stressed out.

The primary concern for all people is- How to earn money in today’s challenging time while taking care of covid prevention norms?

Zerotouch Agency Review

You indeed have to visit the store or a shop for any purchase, but following social distancing norms is also essential. This task is critical for shop or store owners, restaurants, and other pop-shops owners.

It is evident that if you want to sell your product, then you need to ask for the order, exchange the cash, and complete the order by delivering it at the hop counter. What to do in this situation?

Here is an effective solution- Zero Touch Agency Powerful Social Distancing Tool.

The excellent zero touch agency tool helps various marketers, freelancers, local business owners, and consultants to bring market solutions.

With the help of this application, you can build a Scannable QR Code for all local businesses.

After using this barcode, customers can order their products by scanning this code and without having personal contact with the business or shop owner. Continue with Zero Touch Agency Review.

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Zero Touch Agency Software Features

This contact-less Ordering system can offer multiple features and benefits at the same time. Let’s have a look at the fantastic features of this powerful software.

Multi-Client Access Panel

If you have a local or standard business, then with the help of this application, you can create an access panel for various clients.

Offers Customizable Brand Settings

With the help of this feature, you can customize the brand logo, catalogue images, domain, likings, etc. for every client.

Location Creation for Stores

We know that every business has numerous requirements, and by using Zero Touch Agency tools, you can handle small, large, or any sized business at the best level. It is easy to offer your services to multiple branches for the particular brand as you can set the various branches in this application.

Product Level Settings

Each product indeed has its settings, and zero touch agency software allows to set description, images, currency, language, and other information.

Zerotouch Agency Reviews

Different Category Stores

Use zero touch agency powerful tools and knowledge about the different categories of a particular store. In a digital catalogue, you will be able to view complete options.

Contact-less Digital Store

Now, anyone can browse the stores by scanning a barcode. No contact is needed.

100% Secure Digital Menu & Catalogue Creation

Customers can place their orders by viewing a digital menu. No waiting time, no-touch, and no queries at all. It is easy to use and convenient.

Contact-less Store Experience

The best thing about zero touch agency is that you can feel store experience without contacting anyone. You can set and customize your brand, domain and create a uniform store look that can give a perfect store experience.

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Extraordinary Benefits of Zero Touch Agency Software

  • Generate trust in customers and give confidence.
  • It ensures fast business growth while staying away.
  • Increases customer satisfaction in all manners.
  • It allows for collecting contactless payments.
  • It gives shape to the brand and recalls social distancing through digital technology.
  • It minimizes customer contact with shop owners, employees, etc.
  • It helps in processing orders without any query.
  • It is less time consuming and can remove human errors.

How does Zero Touch Agency Work?

There are three steps in total.

  • First, the customer scans the barcode.
  • In the second step, the customer orders the items.
  • In the final step, the customer will receive their order in a short time.

Zerotouch Agency Reviews Scam

Local Business List

Zero Touch Agency social distancing powerful tool is an ideal option for numerous local businesses including op, Cleaning, Home Bakery, Shop and Lotion Making, Restaurant, Hotels, Hospitals, Coffee Shops, Beer Bars, Cake Shops, Boutiques, Salons, Bakeries, Counselors, Jewellery Designer, Personal Trainer & Many Others.

Pros of Zero Touch Agency

  • It is relatively easy for non-technical persons.
  • It is fully customizable.
  • It is easy, fast, and bug-free.
  • No programming language required.
  • With the help of Getting Start and Help options, you can get to know about the critical information for use.


  • There is no negative feedback about Zero touch.
  • Some unique features are hidden, but still, this is worth it.

ZeroTouch Agency OTO’s & Pricing.

ZeroTouch Agency Pro Platinum ($97)- Get unlimited client license and increase your revenue potential with 5X unique tools.

Start your Zero Touch in less than one day for your market solution.

ZeroTouch 3 in Client Getting System- ($47-$67?)- Helps in finding clients for Zero Touch Agency in a fast and efficient way.

Now let’s check out the genuine Zero Touch Agency Reviews.

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Customers Reviews on Zero Touch

David Says-

This is amazing, powerful social distancing software that helps in making more leads without any contact. I purchased the ZeroTouch Agency Pro Platinum.

Henry Says-

Zero-touch Agency Software is an ideal software for all local businesses, and I am glad to have it. I want to recommend Zero Touch Agency Software for all market profits.

Zerotouch Agency Reviews Legit

Final Verdict

Honest Zero Touch Agency Review is completed now! Zero touch agency software is a simple software that comes with extraordinary features and in a user-friendly design. This tool can help you in making a lot of money without facing any problem.

The price is too affordable; maybe they will raise the price very soon based on the demand. It is worth it.

Do share your thoughts about this software.

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Opersus Reviews (July 2021) Does it have Legitimacy?



Opersus Reviews (July 2021) Does it have Legitimacy

Opersus Reviews (July 2021) Does it have Legitimacy? >> Read this guide to understand the reliability of a newly launched website. Stay alert from the scam websites.

A famous saying mentions that a lifestyle change helps the beginning of a great vision, and it is just a matter of a single step. So all those who believe that today is perfect should know that this implies that there is no need for tomorrow.

However, the people from the United States take this as the challenge, and they keep on surfing on the internet for the variety of stuff and the websites related to it.

We have brought our fair Opersus Reviews to find out every minute detail of the website.

About the Opersus:

The website is new and has made its foot in various household products and its different patterns.

Visiting the website, one can find the variety that stores for home shops and fashion bags.

The new product section shows a few varieties in canvas painting, classic bean bags, and quilt sets.

We wish that we would have gotten the About Us section to read more about this website, but it is very hard to accept that the website hasn’t shared anything on this part. Hence to know Is Opersus Legit or not is very important.

Read out the specifications:

  • The Url one can use to visit this website is
  • The contact person is Stan Purwin.
  • The email address is
  • The contact number is – (410)740-2539
  • The address available is 10306 Tailcoat Way, Columbia, MD-21044.
  • The shipping policy mentions that order ships from Monday to Friday within 24 to 48 hours to domestic and international.
  • The return policy allows a user to return the items which are not used and unwashed within 30 days of their purchasing.
  • The postage handling shipping and return fee needs to be borne by the buyer, as per Opersus Reviews.
  • The refund after the successful return process will be raised within seven working days, and it will be sent to the original payment method.
  • The payment methods of the website is PayPal, visa, MasterCard, discover card, and more.
  • Cancellation or exchange policy is not mentioned.
  • No social media icons are available.

Pros of the website

  • The product has been categorized and described well with every information about their specifications and sizes.
  • There’s a newsletter section where one can subscribe to get discounts.
  • The website provides free shipping to the users.
  • Continue for Opersus Reviews.

Cons of the website

Over the research, we have seen that the cons of the website are more than the pros. One must be careful.

  • It lacks the trust index.
  • The website inside the product has a section for the reviews, but there are no reviews available.
  • The layout of the website is not appealing, and all the products are scattered.
  • It has missing information about various policies like exchange policy and cancellation.
  • The buyers need to bear the return shipping fee.

Is Opersus Legit?

This section holds few valid points, and it is important because it will help the buyer understand the website’s legality.

  • We have found that the website does not hold any good trust score that is just 1%.
  • Its creation happens on the 8th of March 2021 with a short domain expectancy of one year.
  • The popularity of the website is zero.
  • The website has a false address and fake policies.
  • The website’s content is plagiarized.
  • There are no Opersus Reviews available from any of the buyers on the internet on any reliable portal.
  • The address shared on the website is misleading.
  • The website’s copyright symbol shows the year 2019, while the website was developed in 2021.
  • Other scores like the threat profile is 36/100, proximity to suspicious is 23/100, phishing score is 27/100, and malware score is 36/100.

With all such negative points, we would say that the website is not authentic to visit, and it is classified as a most doubtful site.

Opersus Reviews:

The website has no popularity and has no connection to the social media pages. It is launched in March 2021, but it cannot acquire any customer reviews on any reliable portal since then.

Products on the website have a section for customer reviews, but they are also blank.

Final verdict:

We have reviewed every corner of the site and listed all the available points in the research. The most crucial thing is the absence of customer reviews, and other negative points make this website highly suspicious.

Please share your opinion with us on Opersus Reviews.

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Serta Chloe Sleeper Chair Review (July) Legit Product?



Serta Chloe Sleeper Chair Review (July) Legit Product

Serta Chloe Sleeper Chair Review (July) Legit Product? >> The article gives a detailed guide on the amazing chair in popularity with all the reviews and necessary details of the brand.

Are you lately looking for the most amazing chair for multiple usages? Then, here today in the article, we are reviewing it. This type of chair is quite popular among people from the United States. This amazing chair is twin pull-out hair. People are expecting to know about the durability, flexibility of the chair.

Suppose you are excited about knowing the chair. First, you must stick to the article for Serta Chloe Sleeper Chair Review. We have detailed information about the pull-out chair.

What Is A Twin Pull Out Chair?

The sofa is a convertible chair with two designs available in it. You can easily sit in multiple positions or even sleep on the chair. It happens multiple times; when your guest comes up, the space to sleep turns out to be less.

In such times, these chairs can be converted into comfortable beds. And your guests can sleep peacefully at this. In addition, people love the design of the sofa because of the convertible feature. Serta Chloe Sleeper Chair Review can be seen in a separate section in the article. So keep reading about it if you are interested in buying any of these.

Tips to Clean

You can use shampoo to clear out the stains from the sofa. Then, in case of any bacteria or foul-smelling, you can clean it with lemon juice. In the case of pet hair, you can opt for squeegees. And then, you can dry it quickly by speeding up the fan.

Authorization Check for Legitimacy

  • Serta is an authorized company. It has been working for multiple years on mattress manufacturing. It has been around 26-27 years.
  • The product is being sold on a trustworthy site, which has been created in 1995. But you can’t find it from multiple websites.
  • The reviews of the product are comparatively less bad; in fact, some of them are appreciating the chair.
  • The trust score on the site selling the product is 99%, a sign of it being legitimate.


  • It is available in cream, navy, beige, grey colors.
  • The width of the seat of the chair is 39.4.”
  • The height of the chair’s seat is around – 18.9”
  • The total measures are in length 48.8”, in width 37.4” and the height is 36.6”.
  • The product’s construction is in hardware.
  • According to the Serta Chloe Sleeper Chair Review fabric used in the product is polyester for the performance
  • You can also get two ports for charging through USB.
  • The chair can occupy two people at once and has the convertible feature.
  • The capacity of weight it can take is up to 400lbs.


  • The product has comparatively more good Serta Chloe Sleeper Chair Review
  • The site has a convertible feature to accommodate in any place.
  • You can also use the product as a chair.
  • The brand selling the product is trustworthy.
  • The company Serta selling the product has been working for 27 years.
  • The answer to the question by the customer are frequently answered.
  • The brand has multiple subsidiaries of its own, and the parent company works in the specialization of beddings.


  • The product seems costly to some customers.
  • The packaging of the product was torn in few cases of delivery.
  • The product has not long durability.

Serta Chloe Sleeper Chair Review

The customer reviews in few cases are overwhelming. Only some people who are worried about the product are mostly concerned with the delivery issues. Customers also appreciated the options of color are available in the chair or also known as sofa bed.

People like the comfort of the product along with the size. But some are worried about the plug or the wire size of the USB attached to the product. However, after analyzing, the ratio of good customer reviews are way more than negative.

Final verdict

In the final verdict of the article, we hope your queries regarding the product have been answered. According to the Serta Chloe Sleeper Chair Review, the product seems legitimate to buy.

Make sure to check the reviews before buying anything. Are you into trying to pull out a chair? Comment Below-

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Ugandhi Reviews (July 2021) Is It Legit Or A Big Fraud?



Ugandhi Reviews (July 2021) Is It Legit Or A Big Fraud

Ugandhi Reviews (July 2021) Is It Legit Or A Big Fraud? >> This article is about a well-known trending shopping portal. Read here to know more about its authenticity.

If you have lost your quality of life or want to express your style, or if you want to buy home accessories, outlet collections, or Women’s belts, then this site is for you. This website has a wide range of products from consumer electronics to menswear, womenswear, microwave, mattress, link chain, and many more.

Uganda is very popular among the citizen of the United States and has earned the trust of its valuable products. However, please read Ugandhi Reviews before buying from here.

What is

Mainly Ugandhi is an e-commerce website that offers many types of household items that are very useful in their daily life. This e-commerce offers many products such as Jackets, microwaves, toolboxes, link chains, dog cages, mattresses, and many more things. This e-commerce website looks excellent, which is the best part of websites with free-of-cost shipping. This website contains many products which products are copied from another website. Is Ugandhi Legit or not? It is also a strength issue. If you know more about this website need to continue to read our article.


  • Website Link:
  • Domain Created on: 2021-06-16
  • Domain expired on: 2022-06-16
  • Domain age: 1 month nine days
  • Trust score is too low
  • Portal Type: online shopping
  • Address: 161 Greene 626 Road, Paragould, AR, 72450, US
  • Tracking policy: Not mentioned
  • Email Address:
  • Contact Number: (870)212-1651
  • Order Cancellation: Not mentioned
  • Delivery Policy: within 1-3 business days
  • Delivery Cost: $5.95 flat rate shipping within the contiguous United States
  • Return: within 60 days
  • Refund: Not mentioned
  • Reviews: Ugandhi Reviews are not available
  • Social media existence: Not available
  • Payment Modes: PayPal, VISA, Master Card, American Express, etc.

Positive aspects of

  • This e-commerce website is protected by HTTP, and they provide an SSL certificate.
  • It’s well designed and responsive clicks websites.
  • They received all types of payments portal, which is useful.
  • Products delivered within 1-3 business days.
  • They will protect our privacy very carefully.

Cons of shopping from

  • All images are copied from another website.
  • Order cancellation policy not mentioned on the website.
  • Tracking policy also not mentioned.
  • We can’t find any social media pages
  • We can’t find any Ugandhi Reviews on their website.
  • Many product names are missing, but images are present.
  • Domain registered just one month ago, and Trust score is too low.
  • Uganda accepts only online payment; no cash on delivery is available.
  • Customer feedback is missing, which is very useful.
  • Refund not available.
  • Only 18 or more 18 years old user can register for these websites.
  • The spam score is too much high

The domain has been registered for only one year, and this is shocking for buyers. It shows that the owner does not take it seriously and cheats for a short time.

Is Ugandhi Legit?

We have set parameters for verifying this website is genuine or not. If you want to confirm that this website is legit or not, then read continue.

  • All images are copied from another website, and products names are missing, which is looking fake.
  • No cash on delivery is available.
  • We can’t find any social media account which is linked with the website
  • Domain age is too young
  • The domain is registered for one year
  • Trust score is too much low
  • No product reviews have been found
  • This website only allows one customer to purchase amounts under 99$

Ugandhi Reviews:

We couldn’t find any reviews on this website, but instead of searching, we found videos and articles that make this website a complete scam and a scam for people.

At first, some good products were helpful and looked good, but we were surprised that all images were copied from other sites. Customer reviews are essential to any product like home accessories, but they are not found.

Moreover, it’s tough to believe that this website is legit or not.

Final Word:

There are several specific parameters that Ugandhi Reviews must consider. We are still working hard to carry out extensive research for accreditation. Extensive research has shown that the site has its device, but it is too small and unreliable within a month.

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