What will you enjoy when gets associated with Example.com?

The hastebc.org is renowned for the well-researched, categories, genuine reviews, content and e-books. We provide all these content and unbiased information at no cost. hastebc.org has some tie-up in terms of business with some associates, which has been mentioned on the website.

Why the Advertisements appear on the website?

We at hastebc.org are providing genuine reviews for our valuable reader, which do cost us because of the involvement of deep research work, graphic designing, editing work for publishing the same. So, these advertisements aid us in getting some revenue generated for these reviews to get posted here. But all the more, our primary focus is to provide you with the detailed reviews with a hassle-free view, so that you would stay informed with the truthful information.

Why there are some advertisements for those products, which are not favored by the website?

As we use the authentic channels like Google Adsense and few more which cater to the advertisements, where we cannot have our control; which means if the company who has got low scores from our research team, but the advertisement is appearing on our website, might be using the Google ad facility for its promotions, that’s why the advertisement do appear.

Do you provide monetary benefits to the people who give positive feedback?

hastebc.org Is a genuine review provider, and this is beyond our work ethics, we don’t deal with such things. Also, we ensure to be same in our entire endeavor in the future as well.

How is the star rating calculated for any product or service?

The reviews post and their average submission get the final rating done. hastebc.org never deals with any star rating generation.

Are the customer review’s available on Example.com trustable?

We are present in this industry from quiet years back, and we have a parentage process of reviews and the other process.

Can someone be benefited with the payment, if the product gets added?

hastebc.org has a vast and talented team, who works for the finding of the products to be reviewed, so we answer as ‘No’ to this question.

But we may consider the approaching company for future reviews if they are aligning with our line of product category and we don’t charge for it.

Are there any set guidelines for consumer review?

Yes, there is a set of parameters, which each review has to pass, before getting published. We always strive to provide readers with most authenticate and genuine information. Only verified account holders are eligible to post, and the entire review process involves complete quality check and believes in plagiarism free content.

What are the parameters for a useful review?

hastebc.org is not any way means of any social discussion or opinions, but we provide genuine and much-researched reviews on our platform.

Why isn’t the posted review getting immediately published?

We review the consumer review from every aspect as it may change the reader’s views and choice, and this process is done manually, which involves some time. That’s why the posted review gets available in 5-7 working days on hastebc.org.

Does the Example.com account for the user is without any cost?

Yes, the creation of a user’s account does not involve any charges or cost.

What’s the usage of the user’s personal information to the Example.com?

We ensure our users to be well aware that whatever little information we take, is never used for any risk. Kindly check the privacy policy for more details.

Is there any way that users can delete their account?

Yes, by filling up the contact form and informing us through that we would do the necessitating in the same request.

Do the reviews edited?

We never make any changes to the reviews, but yes, we do check on general errors to provide our readers with the best content.

Is there any way the user can update any rating?

Yes, it can be done by login in the user’s hastebc.org account. Select the review, where you wish to make the changes. But the study shall pass the entire publishing process.

Is there any way that the user can delete the review?

No, user cannot delete the review from, if there is any case then, contact us via filling up that form, and please do mention your email address.

I did try to contact you by filling up the form, but as of now, no revert has received?

We always try to revert to all messages within the stipulated time, but somehow, due to massive traffic of messages, it might be possible some messages may not be reverted. If the message is related to any services or product, then it shall be relevant and considerable.