5 Honeymoon Trip Ideas of a Lifetime

Complete Information About 5 Honeymoon Trip Ideas of a Lifetime

You’re officially newlyweds – and now it is time to go on the trip of a lifetime.

After the stress of planning, organizing, and executing the perfect wedding, you two deserve to relax and unwind in a magical location for a few weeks. Depending on what type of couple you are, your honeymoon could look a little different to others.

If you’re thrill-seekers, foodies, explorers, or simply looking to chill on a beach in an exotic location – this list has something for everyone.

When planning the honeymoon of a lifetime, consider these five incredible trip ideas below:

1. African Safari

Zambia is possibly one of the last wild locations in Southern Africa, boasting one of the most diverse animal populations left in the world. 

If you’re looking to spend your honeymoon where lions and elephants roam freely around the perimeter of the resort, this place offers an incomparable adventure.

This country offers fabulous 4×4 safari drives, river safaris, and a diversity of landscapes that you will struggle to find anywhere else. You can curate your own version of a perfect honeymoon with private walks, spa visits, fishing, game drives, and world-class food and wine.

2. Italian Road Trip

Italy is one of the most magnificent countries in Europe. Honeymooners would be remiss not to take a road trip along this country’s coastline. The Amalfi coast is exquisite and offers a beachy vibe with the most insane views.

For a Tuscan experience, the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts offers a once-in-a-lifetime trip with a vintage car for newlyweds to drive across the country and stay in three cities along the way: Milan, Firenze, and Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat.

3. Charter A Yacht

Spending your honeymoon on a boat may not sound like the best idea at first, but that is only because you haven’t seen the boat yet! Chartering a luxury yacht is a next-level experience for anyone – especially newlyweds.

With endless possibilities, you can soon sail around the Mediterranean with your own private chef who prepares outstanding meals and mixes your favorite drinks. Most yachts in the Bahamas come with the option to add snorkeling and other water sports, so you won’t run out of fun things to do.

4. Private Island

If you’re looking for some privacy (and who wouldn’t want that on a honeymoon), look no further than renting a private island in the Caribbean. 

There are plenty of options available, so depending on your budget, you can stay at an affordable resort or Necker Island – Richard Branson’s famous vacation resort.

Having an entire island all to yourself is an experience you and your spouse are unlikely to ever forget!

5. Greece

Greece has it all. 

With a rich history, stunning beaches, delicious food, and mesmerizing beauty, what more could you possibly want?

Santorini is an exceptional place to set off on a honeymoon. It overlooks the cerulean seas, filled with beautiful white walls, and the views are out of this world. 

Greece is one of the most authentic places in the world, with fantastic people and dramatic views. Explore some of Greece’s best-kept secrets and make memories to last a lifetime.

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