5 Letter Words That Start With UA {May} List & Meanings!

Gaming Tips 5 Letter Words That Start With UA

5 Letter Words That Start With UA will help you to level up your English. Scroll the below article and learn all these new words along with their meanings.

Do you ever get stuck with an unknown word while playing word games? Generally, the words beginning with UA are the hardest to guess. People from all around the world including Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia love to explore and learn new words through various online platforms. 

To facilitate your needs, we have covered 5 Letter Words That Start With UA. This article covers all the words that are in the English Dictionary along with their meanings.

Scroll down below and explore them!

Definition of five letter words that begin with UA

  • Uayma- Uayma is a city in the Yucatán State of Mexico and the city seat of the Uayma
  • Uaser- an individual who indicates people to their seats, particularly in a cinema or theatre or at matrimony.
  • Uaboe- Uaboe is a province in the island country of Nauru, discovered in the northwest of the island.

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  • Uapsd- uapsd is an acronym for the phase: Unscheduled Automatic Power Save Delivery, which is a characteristic of Wi-Fi equipment that allows them to conserve power. Uapsd is also recognized as WMM-PS or WMM-Power Save
  • Uapou- Ua Pou is the 3rd broadest of the Marquesas Islands located in French Polynesia. It is an overseas province of France discovered in the Pacific Ocean.

It is hard to find and guess starting words with UA. These words are uncommon and most of them are beyond the Basic English words. To know more of them, read further.

5 Letter Words That Start With UA

  • Uaica- Uaica is a mythological hunter in the fiction “The Sleep Tree”, part of the tribal Karajá and Apinaye community of the rain woodlands in the prominent and Northern Amazonian Plateau.
  • Uakti- Uakti is a fictitious entertainer in the field of music characterized by the tribal Tucano population of the region of Alto Rio Negro located around the Amazon. According to the mythology, the element had gaps in his corpse such that they would create tone when he rode or the breeze blasted through him.

Here is the last 5 Letter Words Starting With UA in the English dictionary-

  • Uaioe- to perceive or reflect suspicion, anxiety, or insecurity to understanding or express angst all that time expended suffering, angsting, and ruined in miscellaneous ways, suffering crappy.

Final Verdict

According to our research and details present on the internet, this article has covered all the five letter words that begin with UA along with their brief meanings. These words will greatly help you to level up your score in online Wordle games and flaunt them in your friends group.

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