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This article on 5 Letter Words Starting Flu will provide clues and hints for the #382 Wordle challenge of 6th July 2022.

Do you like playing Wordle? Or Do you find Wordle hard to solve? If yes, then you must check out this post.

Wordle is one of the games that has attracted millions of fans from every corner of the world, like New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, India, and many more. The game sometimes becomes a nightmare for many by giving hard tasks that only a few can solve.

Go through this article on 5 Letter Words Starting Flu to learn more.

Five-letter words starting with FLU?

If you are a daily puzzle solver of Wordle, you might know how it felt when you didn’t find the correct word of the day. To avoid such situations, you must prepare for upcoming challenges, and learning new words can help you. The 382 answer of Wordle was (FLUFF). 

Here is the list of words that start with FLU:

  •   FLUBS: Botch
  •   FLUED: Having a flue
  •   FLUEY: Suffering from influenza 
  •   FLUFF: Soft and smooth
  •   FLUID: A liquid substance 
  •   FLURT: Archaic form of flirt
  •   FLUSH: Having a clear surface 
  •   FLUMP: Sound of heavy fall

Why 5 Letter Words Starting With Flu is trending?

There is no comeback once you start playing this amazing and challenging word-guessing game. The game is very straightforward; you need to guess the correct five-letter word. However, you only get six attempts to guess. One day you will find it very easy to solve; another day, it will make you realize that you need to work on your vocabulary.

The Wordle of 6th July 2022 has been trending as many people are searching for the correct answer and clues. So if you are also looking for the correct answer then, we have mentioned few 5 Letter Words Beginning With Flu with answer above. We hope you the best of luck with your next Wordle task.

How to play Wordle?

If you are also among those who haven’t tried Wordle ever since its release in the New York Times, then don’t worry. We will tell you how you can become a pro at solving this word-guessing game.

Before we head to the rules of playing, you must know the game’s concept. You need to guess a 5 Letter word within six attempts.

  • You will get only one challenge every day.
  • Start with any 5-letter word, like 5 Letter Words Starting Flu.
  • After each guess, the boxes’ color will indicate the correct answer.
  • Grey: Incorrect letter
  • Yellow: The letter is in the word but placed on another box.
  • Green: Correctly placed letter.


If you’re looking for these 5-letter words that start with “FLU,” you can look at all of these on Unscrambled Words! This site helps you find all sorts of words based on oddly-specific prompts, and we recommend it for playing Wordle and other word-related games.

To summarise, Wordle’s success is a great example that proves the game is very interesting. If your vocabulary is strong, you must try this game for once. Our readers will learn new 5-letter words that start with FLU.

Please check this link to learn more five letter word starting with FLU.

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