9 Countries You Shouldn’t Go Alone to as a Woman- Read

Top 9 Countries You Shouldn't Go Alone to as a Woman

9 Countries You Shouldn’t Go Alone to as a Woman: Solo travel seems to be gaining more and more popularity in recent years. First, sometimes it’s really difficult to find partners for a trip, especially if your holidays don’t coincide. Second, solo trips allow you to reboot from constant rat races and finally hear your inner voice.

A tourist’s journey to any country is all about planning. Buying tickets, reserving a hotel, making an itinerary – all this needs to be carefully thought out. But the most important thing of all is safety! Unfortunately, there are countries where women shouldn’t go alone, and in this article, we talk about nine of them.


You will surely be surprised how unsafe it can be in one of the most developed countries on the globe! And here is the answer: the danger may come not from the people but from representatives of the animal kingdom. 

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And now, let’s return to what Australia has in store. There is no guarantee that small jellyfish or octopuses won’t meet you while swimming in the warm ocean waves. Their bite is poisonous and can be fatal.

In Australia, there are a lot of sharks, crocodiles, poisonous spiders, and snakes. In addition, it’s better to stay away from kangaroos. Although they are peaceful at first glance, being close to them can end tragically. A blow from the paw of this mammal can knock you out or cause various injuries to the body.


Some people think that Brazil is a paradise for tourists. But its streets aren’t safe, even in Rio de Janeiro, where there are strengthened police patrols.

As statistics show, the offender chooses a victim who is weaker. And alas, a woman often becomes such an injured party. Women have to give away money, jewelry, and other expensive things in order to save their health or even life. 

Even if you find yourself in Brazil, do your best not to move away from your tourist group when sightseeing.


Mexico has many exotic sights worth your attention. But the country is also famous due to being a place where kidnapping a person (even during a day) doesn’t surprise anyone. Then, the criminals demand a huge ransom for the tourist.

There are a lot of thieves in the subway. A lone holidaymaker can quickly lose money, gold, a mobile phone, and other expensive things. It’s especially terrifying to walk in poor neighborhoods. You can be subjected to violence, as well as get physically hurt during a robbery.

Another risk is related to the food that is sold on the streets. It’s of low quality, and you can get food poisoning. Mexican taxi drivers are also threatening, as they can rob or even rape a traveler.


Colombia is often mentioned in action and spy movies. It seems that such addictive films often cause us a ruined sleep cycle and a desire to see such places live. But first, dense forests hide numerous partisans. Second, shootouts between gangs and drug syndicates are normal here. 

The worst thing for women is that there is sexual slavery in Colombia. And you may be shocked by the fact that the police don’t deal with this problem. 

Surely, not all Colombia is such a frightful place. There are calmer neighborhoods in the north of the country. Such rich areas are under the protection of the police and the army.


Chances are, you’ve seen an Indian movie at least once in your life. Many had a desire to meet dancing and singing Indian residents who seemed to be so open-hearted! But the real country is quite different from what you see in Bollywood movies. For example, as in the above countries, the police sluggishly respond to incidents such as rape.

Another danger is the sacred Ganges river. If you decide to take the risk of swimming in it, you might get a whole bunch of various diseases.


According to experienced travelers, the Philippines is a beautiful country with stunning islands. However, you shouldn’t go to the island of Tawi-Tawi, which is almost ruled by criminal gangs and drug dealers. If you somehow find yourself there, you can lose all your money and valuables. A broken psyche and a mental breakdown are also possible consequences of visiting such a place.

In addition, the locals can mix something into your drink so that you will lose consciousness. Of course, thieves will take advantage of this.


Recently, tourists have become so fond of this country that they come here every year or even more often. In fact, Thailand can be compared with Egypt and Greece in terms of popularity. However, here’s what you need to pay attention to. 

First, in Thailand, the locals seem to be absolutely clueless about driving rules, and they simply accept this fact. Their driving style is so clumsy that they just discourage you from using their services.

For this reason, crossing the road is extremely threatening there, as drivers pick up speed or go down to zero when you least expect it. Luckily, they drive scooters a little more calmly.

Another disadvantage is the abundance of mosquitoes, ants, and lizards. And, of course, prostitution, which is legal here.


This is another country that is often romanticized in movies. In Morocco, the risk of terrorist attacks is very high. The streets are full of beggars, robbers, and pickpockets, especially in tourist areas and resort towns.

So, if you happen to be there, here are the recommended precautions:

  • Don’t wear jewelry for a walk;
  • Ignore the defiant behavior of men (whistles, shouts, etc.) or contact the police;
  • Don’t choose tight, revealing outfits;
  • If necessary, ask a woman for help, but not young people on the street;
  • Knowing a few phrases in Arabic won’t hurt.


There’s something you should know about the local trend. Hotels and resorts are typically considered safe places (especially in countries beloved by many), but when it comes to Kingston and Montego Bay, it’s hotel employees who harass tourists. 

To Wrap It Up

Of course, danger can wait for a woman in any country, but there are rules that will help you defend yourself while traveling.

First, trust your intuition. If, for some reason, you suddenly feel the urge to leave a bar or shop, believe your instincts and head to your hotel.

Second, don’t strive for a bright, unique appearance. The simpler you look, the better.

Third, find out where the consulate of your country is located, as in most cases, local authorities are unlikely to help you. Many officials here are corrupt.

And most importantly, don’t carry large sums of money with you; try not to move around the street at night and take self-defense lessons. Indeed, many women say that they began to feel much more confident, realizing that they can protect themselves.

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