Essential Items for Getting Your Above-Ground Pool Ready

Essential Items for Getting Your Above-Ground Pool Ready

After a long winter, it’s exciting to think about opening your above-ground pool and enjoying those warm, sunny days splashing around in the water again. Before jumping in, there are some supplies you’ll need to get your pool ready for summer. Having everything prepared ahead of time will make opening your above-ground pool smooth and easy.

Test Water Chemistry

One of the most important steps in opening your pool is to test and balance the water chemistry. You’ll need a water testing kit that checks pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and chlorine levels. The water may need to be adjusted and chemicals added before the pool is used for swimming. Pick up any needed supplies, including salt cells and salt water chlorinators, to balance the chlorine.

Clean the Pool 

Your pool needs a thorough cleaning after months of being closed. Supplies needed include a submersible pump and hose for removing standing water, a pool brush for scrubbing the liner walls and floor, a skimmer net for removing debris, and a vacuum head for detailed cleaning. Also, check the existing filter and replace it if needed.

Inspect Equipment 

When opening your pool, thoroughly inspect all equipment and supplies. Replace any parts that are worn out or defective – this may include hoses, seals, gaskets, the pool ladder, rails, filters, and the cover. Check that the pool pump motor is properly lubricated, and add oil if needed. 

Protect the Pool

Ensure your pool stays in top shape with the right supplies. Use an outdoor pool cover to shield it from debris and impurities when not in use. Invest in solar rings or solar covers to minimise water evaporation and heat loss. Don’t forget to pick up a thermometer for monitoring the water temperature. Lastly, enhance the fun factor with a variety of floats, rafts, diving rings, and other exciting pool toys for the whole family to enjoy!”

Open Safely

Prioritise pool safety with the right supplies. Invest in a secure, lockable gate cover to ensure unsupervised children can’t access the pool. Get ready with a first aid kit designed for pools and a ring buoy for emergencies. Enhance ladder safety with durable handrails. Equip yourself with new goggles to protect your eyes while swimming. Keep emergency contact numbers easily visible. Always have an ample supply of sunscreen on hand to protect against sunburn

The Bottom Line

Preparing your above-ground pool for the summer season may require some effort, but by adhering to safety precautions and having the correct supplies, you can guarantee a pristine and inviting pool for a summer filled with enjoyment. Consistently maintaining your pool throughout the season will allow you to unwind and create lasting memories with loved ones. With thorough preparation, you’re well on your path to making a big splash this summer!

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