Among Us Series Disney Xd (Aug) Check the Update here!

Among Us Series Disney Xd (Aug) Check the Update here!

Among Us Series Disney Xd (Aug) Check the Update here! >> This article is about the game and its new updates; if you are looking for recent updates, read the article below and grab all facts.

Are you a fan of the world-famous game Among Us? Then this news can make you happier. There is a tweet saying that Disney XD the famous American TV channel is launching Among Us Series in the Disney XD channel. 

Make sure to read the full article to know the details about Among Us Series Disney Xd. The news just breakout and no one knows the complete details about the information, but this news has been the hype of the United States recently.

About Among Us  

Among us is a world-famous game developed in the year 2018 by American Game Studio Innersloth. It is a multiplayer game inspired by the game Mafia and the horror film “The Thing,” In recent years, everyone has liked it, from kids to adults. This might be because of the plot and theme of the game. 

So gamers around the world play and enjoy this game and waiting for Among Us Series Disney Xd. Recently Among Us has gained people’s attention because of a rumour that the game story is based on a true story. But it came out that it’s not the case. It’s very easily assessable as well, and it has no barriers.

About Disney XD

Disney XD is a renowned kids TV channel of America, owned by Disney Company. People like Disney for decades for providing content for kids as well as adults. If we have to put it in words, it has an emotional relationship with people. It is a worldwide famous TV channel liked by different cultures and communities. Disney XD provide original first-run TV series and movies. 

What Among Us Series Disney Xd?

The collaboration has made everyone excited. As you know, Among Us is a worldwide game released in the year 2018, and since then, it has been the all-time favorite. Disney XD is one of the famous kid’s channels. It has been declared on a tweet on 3rd August 2021 by the official page of Disney XD. They said that the collaboration would come this October, so the fans have to wait till October to know more about this collaboration.

Some say that the Disney characters will describe the game story. The reality is still unknown to us. Among Us Series Disney Xd is still a mystery what will be showcased in the series, as the details are still unclear. It seems too long for the die heart fans of Among Us.


As an audience, we don’t have a choice but to wait till October.  

The collaboration of Among Us and Disney XD It is a long-awaited thing, and fans are super excited about this. The news was released recently through a tweeter, and the rest is unclear.

If you want to know more about Among Us Series Disney Xd, Do not forget to write to us in the comments below.

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