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Gaming Tips Best Deoxys Form Pokemon

We will discuss the Best Deoxys Form Pokemon, its weakness, best raid hours, and answer some more queries through this post.

Do you know when Deoxys is returning in Pokemon Go? Do you want to take the advantages out of five-star raids? Have you used the best form of it or made the wrong decision while choosing them? 

Players in the United States of Pokemon Go are excited about the limited-time return of Deoxys. If you are also interested in knowing about Best Deoxys Form Pokemon, read this post.

What are Deoxy raid hours?

Deoxys of all forms is returning to five-star raids as a part of Season of Light in Pokemon Go from September 1 to 13. You have more chances to encounter them in the game’s raid hour. To catch Deoxy in Raid hour, you should stay active on September 7.

However, local time is the best to encounter legendary Pokemon every Wednesday from 6 to 7 p.m. It is the best bait to catch them before they leave the game, and again you have to wait a long to catch them.

What are the Best Deoxys Form Pokemon Go?

Out of the four Deoxys available, which is the best one? Let us first see the stats of each form then we will decide which is the best.

  • Normal Deoxys – Stamina: 137 / Attack: 345 / Defense: 115 / Max CP: 3573
  • Defense Deoxys – Stamina: 137 / Attack: 144 / Defense: 330 / Max CP: 2570
  • Speed Deoxys – Stamina: 137 / Attack: 230 / Defense: 218 / Max CP: 3255
  • Attack Deoxys – Stamina: 137 /Attack: 414 / Defense: 46 / Max CP: 2916

Well, from Normal, Defense, Speed, and Attack form, the Best Deoxys Form Pokemon is Defense form, without question. At the same time, Normal is the worst form of Deoxy.

We are saying this because the Defense Stats 330 is the supreme selection, among others. Even if it has attack stats of 144 (which is lesser in all forms), but is sufficient to blow the enemy.

What is Deoxys in Pokemon GO?

These are mythical Psychic Pokemon. When exposed to a laser beam, the DNA of a space virus results in a sudden mutation, and thus Deoxys forms. This Pokemon’s brain appears to be a crystalline organ on its chest. 

People often enquire Is Deoxys Good in Pokemon Go? To answer them, Deoxys is one of the most powerful Pokemon available in the game and is a great attacker. Some of the attacks in each form are 

  • Normal Form: Hyper Beam, Zen Headbutt, 
  • Defense Form: Counter, Thunderbolt
  • Speed Form: Thunderbolt, Zen Headbutt, 
  • Attack Form: Zen Headbutt, Zap Cannon

However, talking about their weaknesses, they are Ghost, Bug, and Dark Moves.


Deoxys return in the game and catch them before they are gone. Moreover, September is lined up with events like Spotlight hours. So, take full advantage of these events. To know about Deoxys in Pokemon Go click here, 

Do you now know Best Deoxys Form Pokemon? Please comment if this post was helpful to you in deciding the best Deoxys.

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