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This article provides information on Cat in Blender Full Video Twitter and put some light on the aftermath of posting the video online.

Do you want to know the full story behind the Cat in Blender video? The video of a cat in the blender is trending online because of its violence and animal abuse. The Cat in Blender video got thousands of views Worldwide.

However, if you don’t know anything about the Cat in Blender Full Video Twitter, check out the article until the end. 

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Where is the video available?

Many users say that the Cat in Blender video links are available on Twitter and Reddit. However, the social media platforms deleted all the links related to the video due to its guideline violations. 

Cat in Blender Full Video Original

In the Cat in a Blender full video, a man puts a small cat in a blender. At the start of the video, everyone thinks that the man will put out the Cat because everyone considers it a prank.

However, things escalate when the man starts the blender, and the Cat is inside it. The video became serious as every user felt disgusted, and the scenes gave them trauma. 

The Cat in Blender video is Viral On Reddit and other platforms Worldwide as people are talking about the person performing these disgusting tasks. 

Who is the person seen in the video?

The person’s name is Luka Magnotta, and from his appearance, it seems he belongs to the Asian side. Apart from his name, there isn’t any information on the internet that helps the users find out about the person. 

Luka’s face wasn’t seen on the video when he started the blender, so it was difficult for the authorities to act. Everyone on TikTok and other platforms is forwarding the video and expressing their feelings toward the ill-treatment of the Cat. 

What are the reactions of the users?

When the users watched the video for the first time, they felt disgusted and disturbed by the inappropriate activity with a cat. Some users started commenting on the status angrily and wanted to take strict action against the person. 

Different links are available on websites and social media platforms like Instagram, but none are reliable. Many users searched for the video on the internet but couldn’t find anything related to it. 

Is there any Netflix series related to the cat blending video?

There’s a documentary that is available on Netflix that talks about cat killers and how the agencies catch the culprit. However, the video is not related to the present incident, but it showcases the mentality and motive of the animal abusers on the internet. 

Apart from the documentaries, many other animals abuse videos are available on the internet on Youtube or mature websites. Many users stood up against these abuses and wanted to take action against the people in those videos. 

Are the police investigating the video?

The police are trying to find the evidence that helps them discover the person’s identity. However, there is currently no information regarding the police investigation. No one knows about the investigation scenes and the evidence that police collected.

Also, many animal shelters and welfare organizations have come forward after the Cat in Blender Full Video Twitter got viral on the internet. They demand justice for the Cat and take the necessary steps to stop the animal abuse video posted on the internet.

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Final Words 

The cat blending video is not for the young audience and is also disturbing, especially for pet lovers. Click here for more information. 

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Cat in Blender Full Video Twitter– FAQs

Q1. Does the Cat belongs to the person in the video?

A: It seems like the Cat was Luka’s pet.

Q2. What happens after the blender got to stop?

A: Luka removed the remaining of the cat from the pliers and put them in the oven.

Q3. Where is the Cat in Blender Full Video Twitter video present?

A: There are no valid links related to the video on the internet.

Q4. What happens to Luka after the viral video?

A: Luka receives many death threats on social media platforms.

Q5. Is there any links available on the internet regarding cat blending?

A: No valid links are available on the internet. 

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