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Gather immense inspiration from a magnificent personality who did never give up and emerged victorious with a smile even after Cliff Devries Accident.

Are you lacking motivation? In our life, we often get so frustrated with the day-to-day problems that we feel utterly disappointed and think of giving up. But whether in Canada or the United States or GermanyPhilippinesAustraliaIndia, the United KingdomSouth AfricaHong KongPoland, everywhere in the world, if you look around, you will find several people setting inspiration in their daily life.

One such person is Cliff Devries, and today we will know about Cliff Devries Accident and its story.

Who Is Cliff Devries?

Cliff Devries is an American diving coach who resides in Rochester, New York. He is associated with the Rochester Institute of Technology as a coach. This inspirational person was born on 30th October 1973. His family consists of his wife and four children who support him with all of their hearts.

Cliff was a student at the University of Kentucky. But he had to leave his study after his tragedy. However, after being associated with the RTI, he enrolled there as a student and completed his education in accounting despite the Cliff Devries Accident. The next year he also received his CPA.

Fame found his way to Cliff through a video of paralyzed Cliff diving from a height of 3 meters. This video went viral on social media platforms and gained immense recognition and accolades for Cliff.

The Tragic Story

The actual reason for Cliff’s paralysis is his brain tumor. Cliff was himself a diver in his schools and used to dream of the Olympics. At the age of 22, when Cliff started to feel that his right shoulder was getting stiff, he thought it to be the result of his injury during practice. But little did he know that Cliff Devries Accident was waiting for him.

When he consulted with the doctor, he was diagnosed with a 6-inch long brain tumor. After a long operation, he was successful in getting rid of this tumor. But it cost him a massive price.

The tragedy made his right side completely paralyzed. Unfortunately, the paralysis took away his dreams from him, but it could not defeat him. He overcame all of his odds and started coaching young divers to become great sportspersons. He is the longest-serving coach in the RTI with his 15 years long career.

Documentry About Cliff Devries Accident

The renowned sports channel ESPN featured the story of Cliff and his contributions to sports in its documentary series. National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences also nominated Cliff for Sports Emmy Awards. Visit here in case you want to acquire more information about Cliff Devries

Concluding Words

If we look at Cliff’s story, we will realize that our day-to-day problems are so trivial. If cliff can make so much of his life despite his condition, then we also should not give up so easily. If the horrible consequences of Cliff Devries Accident couldn’t bring him down, then nothing can stop us as well.

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