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Crunchlabs Mark Rober has discussed the website’s different annual subscription plans that teach kids toy-making skills.

Do you want to learn engineering from your kid days and play with self-made toys? It seemed impossible some time ago, but Mark Rober is working on things that will make this a reality. Kids in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other European countries will get this amazing opportunity to learn toy-making tricks with Rober videos.

There are also some exciting subscription plans for kids to get the toolbox and start making their toys. Crunchlabs Mark Rober post has discussed the subscription plan and gift card in detail.

Crunch Labs Com Website:

Mark Rober is a former engineer of NASA and is presently working as YouTuber, inventor and engineer for his firm. He started his portal Crunch labs in 2013 to guide kids in making their toys. This will allow them to learn some basics of engineering and improve their scientific temper.

  • It sells a toolbox for making toys with the guided manual.
  • Subscription has some short videos of Rober guiding them to make toys on their own.
  • This service is available to some selected countries.

Crunch Labs Mark Rober Subscription Plan:

Crunch Labs offers subscription plans of different types to its customers, and any service can be availed only through this plan. There are various subscription plans, and each is priced differently; some are discussed below.

  • Annual plan – This plan comes with twelve tool boxes each for a month; a guided video will be available to build the toy. Customers who subscribe to an annual plan billed annually will be charged $ 300.
  • Annual plan paid monthly – The service given will be the same, but for monthly payment, the bill will increase to $330 per year.
  • Monthly plan – Monthly Crunch Labs Mark Rober plan is not live now, but the customer can opt to get the notification in future; it will be charged monthly and will have a fee of $ 29.99 per month.

Crunch Lab Gift Card:

Mark Rober and his team have devised a new way to gift this toy building plan to some loved ones. There are two plans available for gifting: one is an annual plan that will cost $299.99, and the other is a six-month plan costing $ 179.70.

  • Twelve tool boxes for the annual plan with other content tied to it.
  • Six toolboxes for the six-month plan.
  • A virtual gift card will be given to the buyer.

Crunchlabs Mark Rober Content with Subscription plan:

  • Twelve box tools for building toys each month.
  • 20-minute videos each month from Mark Rober that teaches scientific techniques.
  • Children can get twelve chances to be with Rober at Crunch labs.
  • American kids will get free shipping, while for international kids, it will be discounted shipping bill.
  • Two-month free service is available at present with an annual plan.

Final verdict:

Mark Rober has worked a long way to offer a unique service for the kids. This learning will only increase children’s scientific thinking, and the Crunchlabs Mark Rober gift plan allows them to share it with their close ones. 

Do you think that Rober’s work will increase scientific thinking in kids? Please share your views on Crunchlabs services in the comment section.

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