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This research on the Write for Us Cryptocurrency will inform the methods of providing guest posts for our website.

Do you invest in cryptocurrency? Investing in cryptocurrency and bitcoins requires good knowledge. If you have this knowledge, you are suitable for Write for Us Cryptocurrency. The contributors who possess an interest in writing such content for online websites like Hastebc can join us to write effective and informative content for our page. Moreover, you need to learn some guidelines to be a part of our team. Please read the facts here.

What does Hastebc do? 

Hastebc is an online platform where you can learn and explore many interesting facts on different topics that are news or some other general topics on which you want to gain knowledge. This website provides information to every corner of the world without charging any amount from their readers. You can be a part of Hastebc by writing the Write for Us + Cryptocurrency and providing informative facts on Cryptocurrency. This website only requires good internet connectivity to reach and explore every type of news that may be trending. Viewers from different corners of the world come to our website and explore topics like science, pets, furniture, beauty, technology, lifestyle, industry, healthcare, entertainment, education, sports, international updates, films, bitcoin, and the market. We have a team of experienced contributors who research from multiple online sites and prepare content in a very easy language that even a kid can understand. This makes us a different online site from any other online site. 

Methods for writing a Cryptocurrency Write for Us

The contributors may feel challenged when they write the content without studying the basic guidelines of Hastebc. These guidelines make your task easier and you can write perfectly if you understand these guidelines. You need not search for the guidelines on different online sites as we have shared most of them here. So, please go through them here: 

  • The contributors must check the count of grammar scores. It should not have a score less than 98 percent. You should rectify all the errors in the content using grammar tools. 
  • The content for our website should be written by oneself. The “Write for Us” + Cryptocurrency should not be copied from other sources or online domains. We want content having 0% plagiarism. 
  • The hyperlink or external links inserted in your guest post should be at an 80 percent gap from the beginning of the content. 
  • The external links should not have any spam count. If it consists spam count, it cannot be more than three percent. 
  • The AI-generated posts are not acceptable on our website. 
  • The contributors are free to insert images, but these images should be related to your topic and it should not be inappropriate. 
  • You have to write content of at least 500 to 1000 words. 
  • The Cryptocurrency + “Write for Us” should be written only after doing an in-depth exploration of the topic. 
  • The count of readability on the article should be more than 90 percent. 
  • You must write an introductory paragraph and conclusion of not more than 160 words. 
  • The characters of the description should be between 97-160. It must be concise and precise. 
  • The internal links must be given a blue texture and the external links must be given a green texture. They must be bold.
  • You have to be careful with the language of the content. It should not contain any explicit language and it must be understandable. 

Niches For Cryptocurrency “Write for Us”

  • What is Cryptocurrency? 
  • How to invest in Cryptocurrency? 
  • Best Crypto Coins To Buy This Month! 
  • Statistics of Different Cryptocurrency! 
  • Best Website to Invest in Cryptocurrency! 
  • Top Profitable Cryptocurrency! 
  • How much has Bitcoin risen? 

You cannot choose any random topic for the guest post subject. You have to be sure about the content you are choosing as it will help to increase the views in your content. The contributors may select any topic from the above list, but they can also choose a topic in which they are interested. The ultimate goal of writing the content is to increase the views in your guest post. 

Why choose Hastebc? 

The contributors of Write for Us Cryptocurrency will get many perks if they are writing for Hastebc. The website has secured a good rank on the online platforms and we received a good SERP rank. Also, all of our topics are optimized based on SEO. Most of our experts are working on the proper guidance of the contributors. If you are working hard on research, then your content will get more than 1000 views daily. Also, we try to provide more projects to our contributors.

Ways to become a Hastebc contributor! 

The common people or any expert who is specialized in any particular field can be part of our team. The Write for Us Cryptocurrency can be shared by anyone who has good research skills and knows basic English. You should have the ability to impress the readers with your views. Whosoever possesses these abilities can be a part of our team. 

Methods to Send Article! 

The contributors who are ready with their content can be shared at this email ID: editor.hastebc@gmail.com

Our team try to give response as fast as they can. We take around 24 hours to share our review with the contributors. The contributors need to be patient as sometimes we have a workload due to which the contributors may receive late responses. But, we try to respond to every contributor as soon as we can.


Summing up this post on Write for Us Cryptocurrency, we have given views on the proper ways to write content on Cryptocurrency for Hastebc.com. We hope that the ways shared here will guide you properly.

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