Dr Desena Bbl Deaths {April 2022} Loss Of Many Lives!

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Dr Desena Bbl Deaths has shared a story of victims losing their life at the hands of doctors for simple cosmetic treatment.  

Have you faced any medical negligence from a doctor while getting medical treatment? It is always wise to do proper consultation before visiting an unknown medical practitioner. In a recent case, people are losing their life after going through surgeries that are not fatal.

Many United States citizens have lost their lives after getting treatment at Dr Desena’s clinics. However, this case was highlighted, but many similar medical negligence cases went unnoticed. To know more about this story, read Dr Desena Bbl Deaths till the end.

Dr Desena and BBL Surgery:

Cosmetic surgery is done to make slight changes in the body to give a proper look and shape to a patient. It is not a medical treatment, and people can remain healthy while avoiding this treatment. Many patients of Dr Desena have died recently after going through BBL surgery. 

Most of the reviews are against him, and patients complained of leaving the wound open after the surgery. This grave mistake by Desena clinic is costing people their lives for simple cosmetic surgery, and authorities are looking the other way.

Dr Desena Dominican Republic Deaths:

Some of the reports on digital media termed Desena as a serial killer and estimated that around 1000 deaths happened after cosmetic surgery. There are various reports on different digital media platforms about his negligence in handling the surgery process. Patients have reported the death of their near one at the doctor’s clinic due to unknown causes. 

Most of the patients went for BBL surgery at Dr Desena’s clinic in the Dominican Republic. In this surgery, fat from different body parts is sucked and injected after purification into the body part that requires it. The low cost of Surgery is responsible for Dr Desena Dominican Republic Deaths of patients.

Recent Death at Desena Clinic:

According to Sharae Terry, an Indianapolis resident, her twin sister Shacare lost her life after treatment at Desena clinic. The country’s state department has confirmed this news, and their attempt to contact the doctor gave no result.

Sharae said that previously she went to Mexico for gastric surgery, and on 11th April 2022, they travelled to the Dominican Republic. Shacare with her friend Williams went for BBL and Tummy Tuck surgery at Dr Desena’s clinic.  She was in good health, but her health started deteriorating after surgery, and the doctor blamed sedatives for her condition.

Dr Desena Bbl Deaths of American Citizens:

According to local doctors, patients visiting another country for surgery is a growing trend among Americans. Many people are satisfied with the treatment and are doing well, while others succumb to it.

It can be a fifty-fifty case, and it also depends on the place of the treatment of the patients. Dr Desena has also been charged with not handing over the dead body. Terry’s family are expecting the dead body of the victim soon.

Final verdict:

The administrative body in the country needs to look into the matter quickly and provide proper guidelines to people accordingly. Dr Desena Bbl Deaths of innocent victims are crimes against humanity, and strict and adequate action is needed to save more deaths.  

People can share their thoughts on healthcare professionals like Dr Desena in the comment section.

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