An Elaborated Guide on How to Maintain Your Elite Pool Covers

An Elaborated Guide on How to Maintain Your Elite Pool Covers

We’ll throw a guess and say that you lost patience. You nearly put off opening your pool another week just because you were considering asking friends to assist you in removing the enormous, cumbersome, tarp-like Elite Pool Covers during the spring. However it could be challenging to put it on and get them off if you’re employing a more robust model, like a mesh or durable poolside cover. Too challenging to complete regularly enough to maintain a warm and orderly pool.

So perhaps you’re planning to install an Elite pool cover for the first time or you may presently have. The fact that they create excellent sun covers, constantly screen against particles, and are gentler for children and guests are their two primary benefits. Additionally, using an Elite pool cover makes opening and closing your pool much simpler. Given this, maintaining an automatic pool cover will call for ongoing practice. 

It’s significant to know how to keep up with your pool cover to guarantee ideal execution and life span, whether you as of now have a robotized, strong, or network pool cover for your in-ground pool or are wanting to get one. A pool cover, when kept up appropriately, can assist you with shielding your family, protect your pool clean and from flotsam and jetsam and terrible climate, and on account of a World class Pool cover, even assist you with getting a good deal on power costs by diminishing water vanishing.

Even though we often advise contacting a pool expert for any assistance needs, we still need to provide you with the information and tools you need to understand the recommended practises for maintaining pool covers. Pool Express has taken care of the maintenance of our fibreglass pool frames in addition to installing different pool covers on them.

We’ve put together this resource to address your concerns and give you everything you require to maintain the functionality of your pool cover. Here are our professional guidelines for regular cover care, regardless of whether you have an automated safety cover, an all-season solid cover, or a mesh cover. For assistance, if you still need it, get in touch with us. We’ll cover all you require to keep your automated pool cover in top functioning order all season long right here.

Tasks to do on Daily Basis:

It seems more difficult than it is to perform daily maintenance. To increase the lifespan of your motorised pool cover, do the following two basic things:

  • Maintaining a tidy pool cover can assist keep the water warm. You can raise the water’s temperature by 10 to 15 degrees by keeping the pool cover closed. Instead of allowing heat escape into the atmosphere, this high-quality pool cover will assist trap it locally. The effectiveness of a sun cover is less than thick vinyl.

  • Maintain a watchful eye on the water’s chemistry in your pool, as pool coverings frequently seek to trap chemicals. This can destroy the cover of your pool as the chlorine levels never naturally drain. To prevent this, maintain your chlorine levels as low as feasible and monitor them periodically. 

Tasks to do every week

Comparable to periodic inspections, taking a few simple steps once a week can lengthen the longevity of your pool and motorized pool cover.

  •  Lift the cover – Even if you keep your concentrations of chlorine as low as they can go, you still need to give chlorine components time to drain from the pool region. Simply pull back the lid once every week to do this. Additionally, this is a fantastic chance to apply any necessary chemicals. Just remember that you must leave the pool exposed for a few hours to allow the chemical levels to deplete.
  • Monitoring the level of the water is significantly simpler with a First Class pool cover as there is less disappearing to be concerned about. Having said that, you must make sure that the water amounts are steady. Webbing, shackles and rails may experience significant strain if the water flow falls beyond the mid-skimmer point, which could lead to the cover structure collapsing. Furthermore, any pool spills must be attended to immediately.
  • Maintain it tidy: Using a leaf blower to gather any leaves or other trash is the easiest way to wipe down the topmost point of a pool cover. In every case, it’s crucial to reduce rainfall to minimise further stress on the actual cover. To do this, first eliminate the trash with a water hose, then drain the leftover water with an industrial pool cover pump.

Tasks to do on a Monthly or yearly Basis

You may concentrate on the bigger tasks, like: By keeping your pool cover clean on a regular schedule, you make the chore of cleaning it once a month and once a year much simpler.

    • handling the cover tracks – Trash builds up on the tracks frequently as time passes. However, if the tracks aren’t maintained enough often, the system can fail earlier than necessary. Once or twice a year, clean the rails with a powerful garden hose to maintain everything functioning properly.

    • Eliminating water from the housing gutters – It is possible for the container that holds the electrical parts and mechanisms to periodically become blocked with rainwater or water from a pool. It needs to stay dry because additional moisture over time could lead to rust or other problems.

To ensure continuous proper performance, all spinning surfaces ought to be cleaned with a hose tip before the components and pulleys are tightened and lubricated.

Is It Worth it to Maintain the Elite Pool Covers?

We recognise that this is a lot to take in so that it can seem that you’ll spend more time maintaining your pool than actually using it. But in reality, if you do it consistently, all you’ll accomplish is a few easily missed nuances. could result in deterioration or harm. What’s more, consider the way that straightforward it will be to Prepare your Pool for a spring party and how rapidly you can close it down when the party is finished. Generally speaking, Elite Pool Covers are only another choice to add accommodation and solace to your time spent swimming.


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