Everything You Want to Know About Rugs: An Ultimate Guide

Everything You Want to Know About Rugs An Ultimate Guide

A rug holds as much significance in your space, and for good reason. It can provide a range of practical benefits, from warming your home to reducing noise and protecting your floor. However, discovering the ideal floor rug comes with its own set of constraints and complexities. Factors like size, material, shape, and style must all be carefully weighed. 

Whether it’s a spacious living room carpet or an elegant bedroom rug, the right choice can effortlessly transform any room as well as keep your home warm and cosy.  To kickstart your journey, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide that addresses all your enquiries about rugs.

What to Consider Before Buying a Rug


When looking to buy an area rug, dimensions are the first thing to evaluate. The ideal size depends on the size of the room you will put it in and the amount of furniture you have in that room. A small rug in an expansive space can make it awkward, while oversized rugs in compact rooms will overwhelm the space.

Consider how your furniture will rest on your rug. Some prefer minimal furniture contact, with just a touch of legs resting on the rug. For that effect, choose a rug that is wider than your furniture.


Wool stands up to heavy traffic, resists dirt, and provides comfort underfoot. Cotton offers a flat, durable surface, while viscose rugs have a natural sheen and lustrous appearance that can enhance the overall look of a room. Synthetics like nylon wear well but may appear less luxurious. Natural fibres like jute and sisal suit casual spaces but show dirt more. Assess your lifestyle and room purpose when selecting materials.

Colour and Pattern

With endless possibilities for colour and pattern, choose carefully based on your decor. Geometric patterns or vibrant colours add visual interest. Solid colours offer versatility to match any decor. Play with pattern scale – bolder patterns in smaller spaces, and subtle patterns in larger rooms. Neutrals like navy, grey, and ivory are the easiest to incorporate. If purchasing multiple rugs, coordination is key for a pulled-together look.

Weave and Pile 

The weave and pile also affect the look and feel. Tightly woven flatweaves with low piles create smooth surfaces, and they are suitable for high-traffic spaces, such as living rooms. Shag rugs or Moroccan rugs have high piles for ultra-cosiness and they are ideal for bedrooms. Plush piles feel great underfoot but show footprints readily. Evaluate options to find the right mix of comfort, look, and practicality. 

How to Care for Your Rug

Wool Rug Care Tips:

  • Vacuum weekly using a brush head attachment to lift dirt from fibres.
  • Professionally deep clean every 2-3 years, depending on traffic. 
  • Bloat any spills right away with a damp cloth and mild detergent. 
  • Rotate periodically to evenly distribute wear. Clip any loose fringe or surface threads.

Cotton Rug Care:

  • Vacuum weekly to prevent dirt buildup.
  • Wash spills immediately using a damp cloth, vinegar-water solution, or rug shampoo.
  • If the stain persists, contact a professional rug cleaner.
  • Do not scrub rugs, as it may cause permanent pile damage.

Synthetic Fibre Rug Care:

  • Wash occasionally with mild detergent and water using a rug scrub brush. 
  • Spot clean stains with carpet cleaner immediately to prevent them from setting.
  • Replace every 4-5 years as synthetics lose shape and sheen over time.

Silk Rug Care:

  • Dry clean only to avoid water damage and shrinkage.
  • Spot clean immediately with a gentle cleaner. Don’t oversaturate silk.
  • Rotate every 3-6 months to prevent uneven wear.

Wrapping Up

Purchasing a rug is a major decision, resulting in excitement when it finally graces your home. This guide aims to equip you with rug knowledge so you can make informed choices. If you need additional guidance finding the perfect rug for your needs, visit a furniture store in Perth.

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