Free Online QR Code Generator for Developers

Free Online QR Code Generator for Developers

Marketing is one of the most important parts of the application for the production process. With the help of proper marketing, developers can massively increase the reach of their business. However, marketing trends and practices have massively changed over the years. For instance, in the early years, the developers had to hand out manual leaflets describing their products. With the advancement of technology and the integration of the online world, this started with e-mail marketing consisting of specific links. However, this process further revolutionized and helped the developers to conduct the marketing code with the help of just a QR code. A QR code is a genetic code that the users can scan to access a specific set of information. Developers can use a QR Code Generator for this purpose.

With the help of this article, we’ll try to understand how QR codes can help a business. We will also discuss some of the major cases when the developers might start using these codes. Finally, we’ll wrap up our discussion by understanding some of the best QR code generators that are currently available.

Reasons to Use a QR Code Generator

As we already mentioned earlier, QR code generators help developers to store and display specific codes. It can also be used to redirect the end users to certain links that will consist of more information. The modern application development market companies often use QR codes to not only simplify the visual aesthetics but also to improve the interactivity of their web application. QR codes have become one of the most dominant practices in the data handling industry. The developers often have to use random QR codes not only to store the information but also to verify how their web application handles this code. QR Codes also help the developers to store vital product data that will help them to perform the inventory management system.

One of the major advantages of QR code is that it helps the developers to save a lot of space in the user interface. This is because the developers can display a huge document full of information just with the help of one QR code. So we can easily say that QR codes play a critical role in organizing the user interface on modern web applications.

During the early years of the application development industry, the developers often had to use standalone software for performing this process. However as the technology began to advance, the developers started to realize the standalone softwares that come with an unavoidable process of downloading and installing third-party software on their system.  However modern study also suggests that third-party softwares often pose serious data security risks. On the other hand, the developers can accomplish all the functions of a standalone software with the help of the web-based version while eliminating the disadvantages. Moreover, web-based applications do not have any form of platform limitations. This means that the developers can use these tools on multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux, and even Mac OS. So for all the reasons mentioned above, in this article, we will be mainly focusing on web-based tools.  

Benefits of Using an Online QR Code Generator

Before we start discussing all the online QR code generator tools, we need to have a clear understanding of the benefits of these tools. This knowledge will help the developers to relate the full potential of these tools. So based on our intensive research, the major benefits of using online QR code generators are as follows:

These tools are very versatile to improve the user experience during the application testing process. This means that the developers can not only use these tools for QR code generation but also other critical processes in the application development life cycle. For instance, the developers can use these tools to check the document for various grammatical and syntax errors. It also helps the developer create various sets of random data to verify the user handling and user interaction capabilities of a web application. The developers can also use this tool to convert documents from multiple programming languages into their preferred language.

  • The online tools help the developers to complete all the testing processes in a real-time format. Real-time testing helps the developers to witness the test progress as they continue to type the code. This helps to improve the psychological health of the developers as they can set a specific goal. In order to achieve this goal, developers do hard work after this process.
  • The modern tools for QR code generation use an intelligent framework that is integrated with artificial intelligence. The benefit of using such a framework is that it will properly analyze the entire code base and understand the document. After this process, the system will automatically generate a completely accurate output. So, the developers can directly integrate this output into their test framework.
  • As all the testing processes are conducted in an online format, the developers won’t have to go through the extensive process of downloading and installing third-party software on the system. Moreover, all third-party softwares come with a learning curve where the developers have to learn and understand all the features offered by the software. So we can say that all online tools play a critical role in improving the efficiency of the testing processes.

Best Online Free QR Code Generators

As we already discussed in the earlier part of this article, we will be mainly focusing on online tools for QR code generation. However, the developers need to know that these tools can be further divided into two separate categories. This is because they can be completely free to use or have a licensing process. However, the licensing process is unbearable for small creators or startup companies as they do not have enough resources to invest in the business. So to improve our audience reach, we will be mainly focusing on the free tools for QR code generation. However, based on our selection, there are hundreds of such tools that are easily available in the market. In some cases, the developers will observe that these tools fail to fulfill their requirements.

So we have gone ahead and analyzed most of the popular names that are currently available in the market. Based on our analysis and understanding, the developers can use the following tools to avoid any form of unwanted surprises:

  • LambdaTest’s QR Code Generator

In the world of application development and testing, LambdaTest is a popular organization that has created a positive brand image in the automation testing world with the help of its tools, platforms, and interactive features. The LambdaTest QR code generator comes under the category of LambdaTest online tools. These are some of the most useful tools that developers can use to simplify the application testing processes. This is because, with the help of these tools, the developers can generate and integrate random sets of data that will be useful to verify the data handling and user interaction capabilities of a web application. Using this platform the developers can also convert documents of multiple programming languages into their desired language. The developers can also use this tool to verify the text document for multiple grammatical and syntax errors.

The LambdaTest online QR code generator tool has a very simple user interface. The company has kept this website devoid of all forms of advertisements and popups to ensure their developers can concentrate on the work at hand. The simple user interface also ensures that all the new developers can easily navigate through the menus and accomplish their goals. For the QR code generation process, the developers simply have to enter the title for the QR code, then they have to enter the text or the link that will be embedded into the code. After entering all the above data the developer can simply click on the generate button. After this process, the system will automatically generate the QR code with the link or data embedded into it.

The  LambdaTest online tools have a very strict data privacy and data security policy. For instance, the servers do not store any form of user data after the completion of the testing process. Additionally, the developers can implement further security measures to their satisfaction. The home page of this website also provides some of the most basic data related to the QR code generation process. This is a very good initiative to educate the developers about the possible uses of this technology.

  • RandomQR.Com

This website helps developers to generate not only random QR codes but also bar codes. It has a very simple user interface to ensure even new developers can navigate through it. This website helps the developers to generate random QR codes to verify the user interaction and code handling capabilities of a web application. On the other hand, it also helps the developers to generate embedded QR codes that consist of specific data, e-mail addresses, or a link. This website also clearly fits their privacy policy and helps the developers to contact the support whenever they need any form of assistance.

However, it is worth mentioning that these websites consist of certain advertisements that will be present in different positions. However, a benefit is that these advertisements are placed in certain locations so that they will not come in the way during the application testing process. The owners of the website claim that such advertisements help them to ensure that all the features of this website remain free.

Final Verdict!

Based on our discussion, we can easily say that the free tools for online QR code generation are an integral part of creating an interactive user interface. The user interface is one of the most important components of a modern web application. Moreover, these components become even more essential as we are slowly moving to an app development market that will be completely dependent on automation testing practices.

So, app development companies need to spread proper awareness regarding the adoption of all these trends. App development companies should also make proper efforts to keep themselves updated about all the recent application development and testing practices. This is one of the most important factors that will help developers and companies to maintain their position in the competitive app development industry.

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