Funciones de Till Death- Read On Funciones de Mira Como Corren, El Beso de Dios, And Bullet Train!

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The article will tell you about the top Spanish Billboard movies and detailed information on Funciones de Till Death.

Do you want to read about the Megan Fox movie Till Death? In 2021 the movie Till Death was released by Screen Media films. In The United States theatre, the movie was released on 2nd July. Later on, due to high demand, it was released in various countries.

This movie was based on a horror thriller concept. Megan Fox is the star lead in the movie. The movie was launched in Spanish titled Funciones de Till Death.

About movie 

Recently, the Mexican Billboard is leading with the Megan Fox movie Until You Die, also named “Hasta que mueras.” 

In this, a girl named Emma married a person named Mark. But Emma is having an extramarital affair with the colleague of her husband, Tom. On the 10th anniversary, they had a party, and when she woke up, she found herself nowhere, covered with snow and cuffed with Mark’s dead body. The movie revolved around her survival.

Funciones de Mira Como Corren

Mira Como Corren (See how they run) is the Spanish movie released on 2022. The movie is based on a Police Novel in which the story focuses on a crime scene and investigation that occurs in the surroundings, including trains, Mansions, etc.

This movie involves multiple detectives investigating the Crime scene, and the main lead of the movie is Saoirse Ronan and Sam Rockwell. Additionally, the movie is directed by Tom George.

Funciones de El Beso de Dios

El Beso de Dios is a Spanish movie released on 22nd April 2022 also named ‘The kiss of God.’ It is a documentary based on sacrifice. You can see various scenarios and background images of nature and the beauty of Brazil’s climate and Iceland. The movie starts with narration in a background voice.

The movie is rated 7.6, and you can see the soul connection between a human and God, and Narrator moved out to live in God’s Creation.

Funciones de Bullet Train 

Bullet Train is the trending movie on prime videos with an IMDb rating of 7.4. The box office earnings of Bullet train are $230 million. The main character in this movie is Brad Pitt.


This year multiple movies are released in Spanish audio. Some of the blockbuster movies are trending on Spanish Billboard.

Which is your favourite movie among these? Write in the comment section. You can get a complete review on the movie Funciones de Till Death from its Wikipedia link.

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