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The below summary aims to resolve the dilemma of Wordle players regarding Gryst Wordle.

Are you a puzzle games enthusiast? Were you able to complete 397 Wordle puzzles and got stuck at 398 one? If so, you’re not alone, as many players were banging their heads in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia about the same. 

It was 22nd July 2022, word of the day. The word was unknown and tough for many, even after getting the hints. If you’re still puzzled and curious about yesterday’s answer, keep scrolling down this full article to know about Gryst Wordle in detail. 

Was Gryst an Answer? 

There were several hints available yesterday for the player’s convenience. They were as follows-

  • The word strangely didn’t have any vowel present. 
  • The word started and ended with the same letter. 
  • The word means agreement and is a synonym for engagement. 
  • Words wrist and twist are the rhyming words of that answer. 

These were some hints which justified an answer TRYST and not GRYST. So, unfortunately, we have to state that millions of the guesses were incorrect and those who reckoned Tryst by any chance were correct. 

Is Gryst a Word or Not? 

We understand the concern and hopelessness of those who were revolving around Gryst only. You must be very keen right now to know whether Gryst is a word or not. Let us calm your hurricane down. Gryst is a valuable word in many renowned dictionaries, but the spelling varies. 

Despite Gryst, the word is gryst which means cereal or a grain package for mining, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. As per the Cambridge dictionary, the word means anything that can be used for a benefit. There are many more definitions which are given below. 

Why is Gryst Wordle Trending? 

Gryst is an absolute and foremost rhyming word of Wordle 398 answer that was an affair. Of 4 major clues, two justified gryst as the answer, which is the main reason behind the player’s confusion. 

They might have gotten confused between the two words as 22nd July Wordle was tricky and not as simple as a simile. That’s why the term became overnight famous, trending, and controversial as well. 

Are There Other Meanings of Gryst? 

Gryst is a word that has many definitions. We have already jotted down some Gryst Definition. Let’s see more over here. It is a cereal that is leveled to make flour, and it is also helpful material, especially to endorse an assertion. 

Apart from them, according to Collins dictionary, the word means a crumb that is to be or has been root, especially an assortment of such cereal. On the other hand, the Oxford dictionary says that this particular word means beneficial ideas or substances for someone’s convenience and advantage. So, gryst is a common word in the context of mills. 


As a concluding thought, Gryst Wordle has been extremely strong since yesterday. The puzzle seemed simple but wasn’t easy at all. We have furnished you with enough information about yesterday’s Wordle and some additional information. Hope you’re clear and refined with everything now. 

All the essential data given here is Internet-based. Kindly click here to get more information. And, please comment down on your beloved variation of Wordle. 

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