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Check the Guppy Viral Video Download Link blog to learn about the Jalandhar incident and get the complete details on Full Kulhad Pizza Real Footage here.

Did you hear about the most controversial video content yet? What is the Kulhad Pizza viral video? 

The internet world is completely surprised after watching a leaked video. The video spread from India, and people are widely discussing the explicit content. So, to know about the viral video, read the article on Guppy Viral Video Download Link until the close.

What is the Guppy Viral Video Download Link?

A controversial video involving a famous couple from Jalandhar, Punjab, has captured the internet platforms as of now. People are having continuous debates and discussions on the leaked video from the moment it got viral. Also, social media users are looking for the original links over the internet platforms. However, all the original video links of the Kulhad Pizza Couple have been taken down. 

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Where to get the Kulhad Pizza Video Viral Full Link?

After the explicit content video went viral on the internet platforms, the couple took immediate action. Thus, all the original links of the video are removed from the various social media platforms as of now. However, still some edited versions of the Kullad Pizza Jalandhar Viral Video clips are still available on multiple websites and internet platforms. 

It’s quite true that once an explicit content gets released on the internet, it really gets difficult to erase it. Therefore, a few edited versions of the video and some Twitter posts are still circulating online.

How did the Kulhad Pizza couple gain popularity?

The Kulhad Pizza couple initially became famous for their unique innovation of street food known as the “Kulhad Pizza.” However, after the circulation of the Guppy Viral Video Download Link, the couple gained many haters as well. The couple now runs their street food shop in Jalandhar. 

Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur, also known as the Kulhad Pizza Couple, are now active on social media through their daily blogs and reels. The Kulhad Pizza Video Viral Full Link shattered their fame within a night.

Is the Viral Content Sensitive to Watch?

The couple was doing well and gained a strong fan base on their YouTube channel until their private content went viral. The content is restricted as X-rated & matured as it shares glimpses of their intimate scenes. The original leaked content is offending and sensitive to watch as well.

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Details on Kullad Pizza Jalandhar Viral Video  

A personal video of a popular couple from Jalandhar went viral recently, which is creating huge controversies. In the video, Sehaj and his wife are seen in an intimate condition. As witnessed in the viral content, his wife is lying down in an intoxicated state, wearing red wedding bangles. The red wedding bangles signify that the couple is newly married. Such a private moment of the famous couple captured the attention of internet users. 

Is the Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Real?

The explicit, which went viral on the internet platforms, is claimed as fake by Sehaj Arora himself. In various interviews, he mentioned that the viral video is AI-generated, which is made to defame them. 

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Kulhad Pizza guy posts clarification over Viral MMS
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Mr. Sehaj Arora stated that the viral video is AI-generated. Thus, the query on whether the Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Real or fake is clear by far. For more clarifications, you can watch the attached Kulhad Pizza Couple video.

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