Health Insurance From India Gains Increased Appeal Among NRIs Due to the Availability of GST Refund

Health Insurance From India Gains Increased Appeal Among NRIs


In a milieu where India’s rapid growth is punctuated by an escalating economy, an intriguing and monumental narrative is emerging. Health insurance, like a rising crescendo of melodies, is ascending the echelons of appeal, with a pronounced resonance among the Non-Resident Indian (NRI) community. The enticing prospect of investment in health insurance, amplified by the availability of Goods and Services Tax (GST) refunds on premiums, has lured NRIs into its warm embrace. In this compelling dance of economics and well-being, NRIs are increasingly recognizing the allure of safeguarding their health and financial security in India.

Deciphering the Code of Health Insurance

At its core, health insurance is a financial instrument that extends its protective wings over individuals, mitigating the financial devastation wrought by unanticipated medical expenses. Through monthly or annual premium payments, a designated portion of healthcare costs is borne by the insurance, sparing the policyholder from shouldering the entire burden out-of-pocket. This symphony of financial planning and protection ensures that access to quality healthcare remains unimpeded.

The Imperative of Health Insurance for NRIs

Health insurance, for NRIs, is not just a mere allure; it’s a clarion call that reverberates with the resonance of security and assurance. It proffers a safety net, an armor against healthcare uncertainties that might manifest during their visits to India or during the course of extended stays. It extinguishes the embers of worry regarding exorbitant medical costs, leaving NRIs free to immerse themselves in the embrace of their homeland, untethered by the chains of healthcare expenses.

Furthermore, health insurance paints a vibrant stroke in the canvas of the Indian economy. NRIs, by embracing these policies, are not mere beneficiaries but contributors to the Indian healthcare industry. Their investments and engagements beckon a more robust economy for insurers and healthcare providers. In this nexus of health and finance, the collective wellbeing of the nation stands elevated.

The Multifaceted Importance of Health Insurance for NRIs

The vitality of health insurance for NRIs is a multi-dimensional prism, with facets that glitter and gleam for attention.

The Towering Pillars of Healthcare Costs: The edifice of medical expenses in India has soared to monumental heights, casting a daunting shadow over healthcare access. NRIs, with an eye on their well-being, must secure coverage that extends its protective umbrella both during their Indian sojourns and international residencies.

The Perils of Diverse Risks: NRIs walk a tightrope of healthcare risks, with factors like travel-related illnesses, pre-existing ailments, or the specter of accidents looming over their heads. Health insurance serves as a guardian, shielding them from the unpredictability of health exigencies.

The Continuum of Care: As the pages of the calendar turn, NRIs age, and the need for comprehensive medical care becomes a prominent chapter in their lives. Health insurance policies, with their reassuring embrace, render this access more affordable, sparing NRIs from the potential depletion of their life savings.

The Spectrum of Health Insurance Policies for NRIs

The world of health insurance in India unfurls an expansive tapestry, replete with an array of options that cater to the specific requirements of NRIs.

Individual Health Insurance: Crafted for the lone voyager, this policy extends its protective tendrils over healthcare expenses that pertain exclusively to the insured individual.

Family Health Insurance: The Family Floater Plan, a grandiose spectacle, covers an entire family under a single premium. Its allure lies in the flexibility it offers, allowing the allocation of the sum insured among family members as they see fit.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance: This exclusive policy, with its halo of care, is tailor-made for those who have crossed the threshold of 60 years. It addresses their unique health needs, acknowledging the wisdom of age.

The Bounty of Health Insurance for NRIs

The bounty of health insurance, particularly for NRIs, is far from a mere luxury. It has transcended to the realm of necessity, vital for those whose lives bridge the expanse of borders and oceans.

In the embrace of health insurance policies for NRIs in India, a treasure trove of benefits unfolds:

A World of Quality Healthcare: The right health insurance policy opens the doors to a vast network of healthcare providers in India. It ensures that NRIs receive quality medical care when they return to their homeland.

The Sentinel of Critical Illness: In the era of lifestyle-related diseases, health insurance policies offer riders that encompass critical illnesses, such as cancer, heart diseases, and strokes. This is a vital shield for NRIs, given the burgeoning prevalence of such conditions in both India and the Western world.

The Enigma of Tax Benefits: The premiums paid for health insurance might unlock the doors to tax deductions under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act in India, providing NRIs with a financial incentive to protect their health.

The Parameters for NRI Health Insurance

While most insurers welcome NRIs with open arms into the fold of health insurance, certain eligibility criteria must be satisfied:

Residency Status: NRIs seeking health insurance must hold a valid Indian passport or possess OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) status.

The Luminescence of GST Refunds for Health Insurance

A salient enticement beckoning NRIs towards health insurance in India is the glimmer of GST refunds. The Government of India has unveiled GST provisions that bestow NRIs with the privilege to claim refunds on the GST paid for healthcare services, including health insurance premiums.

As GST introduced its reign in India, health insurance premiums came under its ambit, subject to an 18% tax rate. However, NRIs find solace in a provision that allows them to seek a refund for the GST paid on insurance premiums. The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has mapped out the path, outlining the process by which NRIs can claim this refund. For the specifics, NRIs are advised to consult their tax advisors, deciphering the intricate procedure and requisite documentation for claiming the coveted GST refund.


The symphony of health insurance has found a crescendo of appeal among NRIs in India, orchestrating its ascendancy through a medley of factors. The allure of comprehensive coverage, the fortress of financial security, and the promise of quality healthcare services have all converged to make health insurance an irresistible option. Added to this symphony is the harmonious note of GST refunds on health insurance premiums, further enhancing its desirability among NRIs.

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