Red Flags to Look Out for When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Michigan

Red Flags to Look Out for When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Michigan

You’ve been involved in an accident in Michigan for no fault of yours. You have bills to sort and damaged property to replace. You don’t have the finances to cover these costs. Everyone says to hire a lawyer so you can get compensation for your losses. They’re right. Lawyers are the key to escaping this mess you didn’t cause.

But not just any lawyer. You need a lawyer who checks all the right boxes. One with whom you are comfortable enough to entrust your case. 

In Michigan, you have the right to change your attorney if they don’t meet your expectations. But remember that switching lawyers in the middle of a case can be hectic. This is why it is important to hire experienced Michigan personal injury lawyers at the beginning.

If you hire someone like Thomas L. Strobe, the founder of Michigan Injury Lawyers, you wouldn’t have to change your lawyer, as he will be a great fit. You can be sure that he will be a great fit by looking at the many five star reviews and awards he has gotten.

Looking at these stats is a great way to hire a good lawyer.

Now, in this article, we’ll be outlining some of the red flags you shouldn’t overlook when hiring a personal injury lawyer in Michigan.

Red Flags in a Personal Injury Attorney

Here are some of the legal red flags you should be wary of when assessing your choice of lawyers:

Has Too Much Case Load

A lawyer with too many cases may struggle to give your case the attention and focus it requires. Signs of an overloaded attorney may include delayed responses to emails or calls, missed deadlines, and a general lack of availability. 

You don’t need a lawyer who’s spread too thin. They would not be able to dedicate the necessary time and resources to thoroughly investigate and build a strong case for you. 

You’re allowed to inquire about their workload so you can certify whether or not they have the capacity to handle your case effectively before making a decision.

Doesn’t Have the Right Experience Your Case Needs

Personal injury law is a broad field. Every case requires a specific set of skills and expertise. You should ensure that your chosen lawyer has the right experience or knowledge in the specific area of personal injury law that your case falls under. 

For example, if you were injured in a car accident, you’ll want an attorney who has a proven track record of success in handling motor vehicle accident cases.  

Doesn’t Make You Feel Like Your Case is a Priority

Even if your case is simple, a good lawyer knows how to show empathy and dedication to your cause. They would make you feel safe and confident enough to entrust your legal battles to them.

You do not have to tolerate an attorney who doesn’t reply to your messages or shows indifference to your concerns. As soon as you begin to feel overlooked or neglected, start the process of finding someone better.

Pushes for Trial

Of course, going to trial is not a bad thing, but the lawyer who pushed for a trial may have ulterior motives. They may be pushing for a trial so that they can charge you more. 

You should be wary of an attorney who tries too hard to convince you to go to trial. It is true you could secure a higher compensation in the form of punitive damages, but there’s a good chance you might lose the case, as a trial is volatile and complex. 

The attorney you eventually hire should be willing to pursue all avenues of compensation to ensure you receive fair and just compensation for your injuries.

Wrapping Up

A good lawyer can make or break your case. There’s a lot at stake here, and you need someone who is the right fit.

At the end of the day, you need to invest enough time and effort into picking the most appropriate one to fight your legal battles. If you find one and they eventually begin to misbehave, you’re free to alight their train and find another driver to get you to your destination.

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