How To Get Refund From PayPal For Item Not Received?

General Information How To Get Refund From PayPal For Item Not Received

This article answers the question How To Get Refund From PayPal For Item Not Received? and offers related information.

Online shopping has become increasingly popular and successful in recent years. Online shopping and e-commerce have gained more success globally within the past few years. There are many reasons behind the same, and it could be the flexibility and the wider product range of these websites. 

People also used online shopping extensively during the lockdown periods. However, anything based on the internet is never free of scams. Users are looking to know How To Get Refund From PayPal For Item Not Received?

Scammers are getting cleverer every day, and their fraud scams are more convincing. Keep reading this article to know how to get a refund on PayPal if your order doesn’t arrive. If you want to buy anything but don’t have enough money in your PayPal account, get a loan from KashPilot.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an American multinational company that deals in finance and technology, specifically facilitating online payments. PayPal users can make online payments to other users in any country where PayPal operates. 

PayPal is one of the more popular methods for online payment and has an enormous user base. Dan Schulman is the current President and CEO of the company.

How To Get Refund From PayPal For Item Not Received?

Please note that it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be able to get your money back in such cases. However, there’s a good possibility that users can get their refund by following the methods below.

  • PayPal Buyer Protection: PayPal offers buyer protection to its users that can help them get a refund in some cases. The PayPal protection program is made specifically to prevent users from losing their money to scammers or at the hand of fraudulent schemes.

 Under the Buyer Protection, users will get a refund if the product they’ve ordered on       any online shopping website doesn’t arrive within a few days of the specified delivery date. How To Get Refund From PayPal For Item Not Received? The PayPal Buyer Protection exists for the same reason. It’s also applicable if the order that arrives is not what you ordered or differs significantly from the item you purchased.

  • Raise a dispute: Raising a dispute is the most likely method to get a refund for a transaction made via PayPal. Before raising a dispute, please make all possible attempts to ask the seller to refund or replace your items. Users who were scammed cannot do the same. Raising a dispute is quite simple in PayPal. How To Get Refund From PayPal For Item Not Received? By raising a dispute against the same transaction within 180 days. Users can head over to the Resolution Centre to file this claim. 

Please note that users will have to give evidence for their case, and PayPal authorities will look into the matter and decide whether you’ll be given a refund. If you’re not content with their verdict, you can also escalate the dispute claim. Read more about this method here.

The Final Verdict

To ensure that you never fall victim to scams or fraud websites while online shopping, you should only visit trustworthy and reliable websites. How To Get Refund From PayPal For Item Not Received? We have mentioned the related methods above. Kindly note that users can significantly reduce such cases if they only purchase from known and trustworthy online shopping websites. 

How often do you use PayPal for online payments? Have you ever placed an order that didn’t arrive? Kindly share your thoughts on our information to get your money back in the comments. Also learn, how to get refund from a credit card, if scammed.

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