Is Arcofit Legit (Sep 2021) Check Detailed Reviews Here!

Arcofit Online Website Reviews

The blog will help decide Is Arcofit Legit or not, which has been declared after thorough investigation by checking whois data, authentic reviews, etc.

Do you want to buy the 2021 latest designer fashion products? Then, Arcofit might be on your list.  

Buying online fashion products gives us a variety of collections under a roof. Arcofit is delivering similar services, mainly offering fashion products in Australia and several other countries. However, before including this web hub on your list, you need to review it a little bit and make sure about its legitimacy & customers’ reviews.

Is Arcofit Legit? If you haven’t reviewed it yet, then not to worry; we have investigated the site thoroughly to give the best information.

Is the site authentic?

Checking authenticity needs an in-depth investigation process that includes whois data checking, trust score, reviews, and many more. Keep reading to feed your doubt-

  • The site is a bit old; it’s been serving for about 2 years. The domain was registered on 29th November 2019 as an ARCOFIT.COM name.
  • The trust ratings have shown a moderate score, i.e., 60 percent.
  • There is no non-clickable link found.
  • Address validity couldn’t be checked due to it isn’t present on site.
  • Arcofit Reviews are visible on the portal.
  • The portal has approx. 54 percent unique content, including 26 percent common content and 20 percent duplicate content.
  • No social platform addresses have been linked with this platform.
  • ARCOFIT runs the backend process.
  • Shopify hosts the platform.
  • Payment can be done using multiple ways.

According to the investigation result, the site can’t be declared a suspicious portal; it has a good trust rating and good credibility.

What is Arcofit? 

Arcofit is a USA-based shopping portal specifically designated for selling women’s fashion products, including designer shoes and bags. Is Arcofit Legit? Along with fashionable shoes, people can find some lightweight orthopedic shoes of different varieties and sizes.

The products are pretty vastly described, along with pictures & demo videos. The price can be observed according to the country, which means if you are buying products from Australia, you can check the price in Aus Dollars. 

Specifications of Arcofit:

  • Website Address:
  • Corporate Address: The address isn’t visible on the site.
  • Contact Address: No phone number has been specified.
  • Email Id:
  • Area Covers: Worldwide.
  • Remarks: Arcofit Reviews are available.
  • Shopping Policy: Domestic delivery is done within 12 to 25 days, while international delivery is made within 15 to 40 days.
  • Shopping Charges: Free delivery on 99$ or above order value.
  • Return Option: 7 days is available for return order.
  • Cancellation Option: Available only within 6hrs after order placed.
  • Refund Option: It starts processing within 2 to 3 days.
  • Payment System: Visa, Amex, JCB, Discover, PayPal, etc. 
  • Replacement Option: Only available for damaged items

Pros of Arcofit:

  • The site is designed to sell women’s products.
  • Most reviews are positive.
  • While investigating  Is Arcofit Legit or not, we found that it mainly sells fashion products like shoes and bags.
  • Several payout processes can be availed.
  • The service is provided worldwide.
  • The currency option is different based on the country’s currency system.
  • It has a cancellation, replacement, refund policy that anyone can avail of.
  • The index rating is moderate.
  • Free delivery can be obtainable.

Cons of Arcofit:

  • It lacks a community platform connection.
  • It lacks office address details.
  • The customer service number is missing.
  • There is a 15% restocking fee in the refund policy.

Customers reaction to ‘Is Arcofit Legit’:

On the product page, most of the products have been rated with reviews. The products have received 4-5 stars with the review like the website has a fast delivery process, the product quality is pretty good, the items are designated with simplicity yet fashionable and sophisticated. 

When we checked its trust rating, we already mentioned it had gained more than an average score; however, we found no adequate details while finding comments on the internet. One more notable fact is that the authority didn’t give any information about their social-media page. Hence, before the transaction, know how to get a PayPal refund if scammed.

Final Verdict:

Is Arcofit Legit? The site can be concluded as a decent one as it possesses good trust ratings and reviews; however, few facts like duplicate content and no media profile make us suggest to readers that before purchasing fashion products from Arcofit, so please review it then decide. Read here to know ways to get money refund on Credit card if you have faced a scam. 

Has this article given you adequate information? Please give a review below.

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