Is PuzzleArtify Legit (June 2021) Read Guided Reviews!

Is PuzzleArtify Legit (June 2021) Read Guided Reviews!

Is PuzzleArtify Legit (June 2021) Read Guided Reviews! >> In this article we will be focused on providing all important details related to a recently launched portal. So read this review below!

Do you want to get involved in online buying? If yes, then it is our humble request to look at different information available here. PuzzleArtify seems a recently launched shopping portal for getting different customized products.

From getting different designed customized products like t-shirts, bottoms, sweatshirts, etc., the website offers a great collection of mystery boxes at inexpensiveprices. The website is looked upon by the people of the United States, and they can get the privilege of getting it at their homes.

The portal looks like a user-friendly portal making it easy to look at the products. Online shoppers interested in buying from this must know all facts related to Is PuzzleArtify Legit.

Is PuzzleArtify Scam or reliable

We have evaluated the website, and it looks a little suspicious, mainly due to the beneath reasons. It is recommended to look at all the points carefully.

  • The website came into existence recently and was launched among people on 26th March 2021 only.
  • Very low trust index, it is just 6.8% and looks like a non-reliable portal.
  • No information regarding the contact number is posted on the panel. This is one of the reasons making this portal looksuspicious.
  • No PuzzleArtify Reviews are posted anywhere.

All the reasons mentioned above are sufficient to make this website non-reliable and mostly a scam. Thus all the prospective buyers attracted by the products showcased here need to look at all the factors properly before owning them.

What is PuzzleArtify?

PuzzleArtify is an online ecommerce store selling customized items. From attractive mystery boxes to miniature to a different kind of apparel, one can shop infinite things from here. But if we talk about the website’s launch date, we would like to inform you that it was launched in March only and quite back in May 2021. Customized products and buying things online is quite trending among the people of the US.   

The average delivery time within the US is anywhere between 7 – 15 business days. Is PuzzleArtify Legit to purchase any products or not is still doubtable? However, one video is also posted on the homepage. But, 


  • Website URL –
  • Product Category – Mystery box, miniature, apparel, dragon ball, etc.
  • Email Support – 
  • Contact details– Not Mentioned
  • Domain Age – Recent (Launched on 26th March 2021)
  • Delivery Policy – The average shipping time in the US is anywhere within 7-15 working days. The majority of the orders are shipped within two weeks.
  • Social Media Availability– Not Disclosed, we don’t know Is PuzzleArtify Legit or not.
  • Return Policy – 14 days
  • How to pay: Amex, Visa Cards, etc.

Pros of purchasing from PuzzleArtify 

  • Different kinds of products are posted. 
  • Latest and unique designs
  • The company claims to provide global shipping 
  • The quick return option is mentioned 

Cons of buying from PuzzleArtify

  • No details regarding the owner is not shared 
  • No details regarding the reviews are there.
  • Some products are of the higher rate.
  • Refunds are given after some time.
  • No about us section

PuzzleArtify Reviews from online shoppers?

As discussed, post researching through different online platforms, we are not able to get reviews from customers. When there are so many online frauds in the modern world,it is vital to cross-verify all things accurately.

Relying on the reach online portal is not an easy task. We cannot get enough reviews, and it might be customers have not purchased anything from here in the past. All the customers need to investigate properly and look at the unbiased reviews to know Is PuzzleArtify Legit or not. 

Therefore the details shows that the site seems suspicious  you need to be very sure before purchasing anything from this site.


PuzzleArtifyis an online shopping platform that is launched a few months back only. There is no about us section; neither is anything mentioned in the FAQs section. So this portal seems to be a scam. 

So, all the tentative buyers looking for an answer to Is PuzzleArtify Legit or not must either wait to check the reviews. 

Have you placed an order at PuzzleArtify? Are you invigorated to post your experience, and do you like this online shopping portal? You are invited to tell your experience by posting them in the comment box.

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