Is Raphastore Legit (Aug) Read Complete Reviews Here!

Is Raphastore Legit (Aug) Read Complete Reviews Here!

Is Raphastore Legit (Aug) Read Complete Reviews Here! >> If you are looking for a website that sells sports equipment, check the article thoroughly to know the legitimacy and other facts.

Do you like to go cycling? What is your opinion of doing cycling? Would you like to do it casually or professionally? As in India, cycling is increasing day by day, so this website would be pretty helpful for you as cycling is a great sport. 

If you are interested in cycling or getting a new cycle for yourself, you must pay attention to today’s website review and verify if Is Raphastore Legit

Is this website is legit?

The legitimacy of a website is often asked by the people who have an interest in the particular sale done by that website. It is difficult for a person to identify whether the website is legit or scam just by viewing its homepage. There are plenty of websites that sell cycles at cheap prices in today’s time, but you will be astonished after seeing the price shown by this website. If you want to know more about Raphastore Review, don’t forget to stay connected with us today and go through all the legitimacy points shared below. 

  • This website was given the date 31st July 2021 as its registration date. 
  • Our sources give us the trust score for this website to be 58.4%. 
  • We failed to get customer reviews regarding this website. 
  • The Alexa rank for this website was recorded at 2065558. 
  • We did not find the content for this website to be plagiarized. 
  • We did not have any hardship while reading the policy for this website. 
  • The address for this website was not proper. 
  • No social media contacts were available. 
  • The owner information was not available. 
  • Very high discount for shown. 

Is Raphastore Legit easy to be answered after reading the above legitimacy point in saying that this website is not trustworthy? 

What is Raphastore? 

The store is an online e-commerce store that sells high-quality cycles at near about the lowest prices available. All the bicycles are shown on this website or mountain bikes out of them, and some are even foldable. Some cycles have an LCD, and some cycles have the best year rims available. According to the website, on some cycles, we could even save more than Rs.29,000, which seems to be absolutely fake. So Is Raphastore Legit a question that is to be answered very patiently. 


  • Domain age:- 31st July 2021. 
  • URL:- 
  • Category:- this website for the under the variety of sports products. 
  • Email:- 
  • Address:-896 Mohali Stadium Road, sector 60 Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab – 160059. 
  • Contact no.:- +91-8140346557. 
  • Payment modes:-AMEX, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Visa. 
  • Return policy:- returns will be accepted after five days of the receipt. 
  • Refund policy:- Refunds will be transferred within 7 to 10 days. 
  • Shipping policy: – hundred rupees will be charged on the shipment. 
  • Delivery policy:- 5 to 7 days. 

The above mentioned were some specifications justifying Is Raphastore Legit. 


  • The products seen on this website are of the best quality. 
  • The website also has some more variations of products. 
  • We can save over Rs.30,000 for a cycle on this website. 
  • Professional cycles are also bailable on this website. 
  • This website also has plenty of accessories for the cycles. 


  • The website is a young site. 
  • The prices on this website seem to be fake. 
  • Only one brand is being presented on this website. 
  • It has a low Alexa rank and no reviews. 
  • The popularity of this website is also very–shallow. 

Raphastore Review:

After reading all the above information, we come to a crucial area: customer reviews. Customer reviews can make the website a winner and a loser. The website that has plenty of customer reviews alternately has plenty of customers, and their sales increase daily. In contrast, A website with no customer reviews has none neither customers nor an increase in sales. Unfortunately, while we talk about this website, we do not get any customer reviews on any of the critique websites.  


Is Raphastore Legit to be contradicted and said false because we could not identify any customer reviews? But not only their thoughts as we search for the address for this particular home with no identification of selling any item. 

If today’s website review gave you any assistance, then please share your viewpoints as comments. 

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