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In this post, Is Shiftsmart Legit, we have informed our readers about the rightfulness of this website.

Are you looking for a part-time job to get some extra money for yourself? Today we will tell you about a site which provides different job opportunities all over the United States

This post on Is Shiftsmart Legit will help our readers to know about the legitimacy of this website and all the relevant details about the site and about how it works.

What Is Shiftsmart?

It is an economy sharing service that assists you in discovering new part-time jobs, allowing you to earn some extra money. This website essentially acts as an intermediary because its primary function is to provide you with the job offer. It will also advise you on how much money and time you should invest in this website. To apply, you must meet certain requirements. But we do not know if Is Shiftsmart Legit, and it is very necessary to know about the website. Let’s see about its legitimacy.

  • Registration Date: This website was launched on June 14, 2007. This means that the site has been around for 15 years.
  • Registration: This website was registered through, LLC
  • Trust index: The trust factor of this website turned out to be eighty-six percent. Which implies it is quite reliable
  • Missing information: Email address, phone number, and address are not mentioned on the website. The owner’s identification is recognized.
  • Data Security: This website is protected under HTTP protocol which is safe for sharing the data.

As per these details, Is Shiftsmart Legit seems a trustworthy website.

Features Of Shiftsmart Website

This website compensates you for working different shifts based on your application. This website has no payout doorsill and convenient payment methods. This website job is not available in every place. It is somehow less available in some places. It is also easily accessible on mobile phones, you can easily use it after downloading it. You have to be 18 years or above to apply for this shiftsmart website or to be a member of this app. This app is very easy to access.

Reviews Of Is Shiftsmart Legit

No review is available on its official website. This app has in-total rating of 3.5 out of 5. There are much positive feedback that says you should join shiftsmart website. The employees’ positive rating is pretty much more and the overall site review is also positive. This website is accessible on social media platforms also. Email information, phone number and address are not mentioned in the outline, but the owner’s detail is identified. You can try this website to apply for a part-time job. You can easily apply sitting wherever you are.


Summing up this post on Is Shiftsmart Legit, we have updated our reader about the details of this website which tells the authenticity of it. This website’s trust rate came out to be reasonably reliable. This suggests that the site can be trusted. To know more about online shopping, please check this link.  

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