Katie Palmer Accident {Aug 2022} Audioboom Com Podcast!

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Katie Palmer Accident has shared details of an old accident for which social media campaigns are run to deliver justice.

Do you know the recent update on the Katie Palmer incident that occurred two years ago? Did the culprit in the incident get punished after two years of the accident? The social media campaign for the accused’s punishment began soon after Cory Foster was acquitted in the Palmer case. 

People in Canada and the United States are mainly involved in this campaign as they seek justice for Katie Palmer. In the article Katie Palmer Accident we will discuss the accident, the court case and the podcast telecast of her spouse’s audio boom platform.

Denison Texas Road Mishap:

Katie and her husband were on their walk in the early morning of 21st April 2020 in the Denison area of Texas. A speeding truck hit her from the back and threw them some distance away. Katie Palmer, a teacher at a local school, got seriously injured and was admitted to the hospital.

As the injury was bad, she succumbed to injuries and was declared dead on arrival at the hospital. According to some reports, as a result of a heavy collision, Palmer suffered head injury.

Katie Palmer Accident on Audioboom Com Podcast:

Although justice for Katie Palmer has been raised on various social media platforms, a recent podcast on Audioboom tries to narrate the story from John Palmer’s perspective. At the time of the accident, John was with Katie and gave a first-hand report of the incident that happened on that fateful day.

The podcast is telecasted on the platform in two episodes numbered 60 and 61. It was released on 18th August at 3 pm and each episode is off around one-hour length. It will talk about the Katie Palmer Accident and the injustice done to the deceased in the form of the bad verdict in the case. The role of bad policing is discussed in this podcast, as revealed by body cams.

How Justice is denied in Katie Palmer Incident:

Cory Foster was a neighbor of Katie and according to reports, he was the man driving the vehicle on 21st April 2022. Some media outlets also suggest that Cory Foster was drunk during the accident and is a habitual offender.

The allegation says that local police have mishandled this case, and troopers Tarif Alkhatib and Brett Smith are responsible for the lackluster investigation.

Katie Palmer Accident on Social media campaign for Justice:

The investigation of Tarif Alkhatib and Brett Smith was always suspected as an example of bad policing. It also brought the role of personal connection and ego in delivering proper justice to the victim. 

Websites like Justiceforkatiepalmer.com lead the justice for Palmer campaign, along with other players on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. People are concerned that if they don’t raise their voices now, the same thing can happen to them in the future.

Final verdict:

Based on internet research, we can say that the social media campaigns are keeping pressure on the justice system to get an impartial verdict in the case. Katie Palmer Accident feels that it’s important to punish officials mishandling the case and deliver an impartial verdict. 

Are you a participant in the justice for Katie Palmer campaign? Please share your views in the comment section.

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