Kpop Heardle {April 2022} Puzzle Version For BTS Lovers!

Gaming Tips Kpop Heardle

This summary provides you with every possible detail regarding Kpop Heardle to encourage your talent and confidence towards your passion.

Are you a big enthusiast of the Korean world? Does Kpop music make the best out of you? If so, there’s good news for you regarding the Wordle. Now, you can enjoy Kpop even in Wordle. And this news is already getting on the nerves of the United States players. 

The entertainment is known as Heardle Kpop. It is the variation where you need to surmise the hymn and rectify the K-Pop artist and ownership in the schedule. Let’s discuss further the Kpop Heardle, how to play and other adequate data. 

How to Play Kpop Wordle? 

This pastime revolves around the Kpop world. If you’re so into this particular world, you need to follow a few steps to play this game-

  • Firstly, players need to reckon with the music played when they use the play lever. 
  • It compels performers to utilize their listening abilities to specify the correct music and singer in six endeavours.
  • Every incorrect guess and more tries will unlock more tunes for you. 
  • And, you are expected to strive to reckon the answer in a few attempts. 

Kpop Heardles Rules-

There are some rules and regulations to follow if you wish to finish the game early. 

  • Firstly, you need to listen to that short clip carefully.
  • Then, if you have supposed the music successfully, type the music in the exploration bar. That will furnish you with many more alternatives, and you need to choose your answer. 
  • If this doesn’t work, you can click on the skip alternative, going up to 16 moments. 
  • The performers provide one hymn per day, which is identical for all. So, if you reckon the exact answer in Kpop Heardles, you can feel free for the rest of the day. 
  • Moreover, you can share your results on your social media platforms with your friends.
  • Additionally, this game has an extraordinary character of disclosing an aggregate of 6 pieces of music after performers fulfill their guesses within six days.

Why is this Trending? 

This particular entertainment is trending because of Korean lovers. Here, performers think of a popular Kpop song rather than phrases. The game attempts to improve performers’ proficiency and expand the range of the artists and their music. 

Where to Play Kpop Heardle

It is a simple game that can be played online independently. We attached a particular website for this game in the conclusion section for your convenience. When you open it, it shows the rules and regulations to play.  

And, when you click the play button, which is green in colour, the game will start normally. There are 6 columns available for various guesses. And there’s also a 16-second clip available to play along with a skip and submit button.


As a concluding thought, Kpop Heardle is like magic for the innovative minds of Kpop fans. It’s a small platform to encourage people’s love towards a particular theme where they can enjoy and test their knowledge. 

The information present in this article entirely relies upon Internet research. To play this game, you can click here. And, Comment Down Your Favourite BTS Singer-

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